Monday, September 05, 2011

22 handknit beauties

Facewasher #1

"So", said Galumph, as they sat down to a dinner of steaming vegetable, chickpea and paneer curry with rice, "how was everybody's day?"

"Pretty good!" said Grumbles, adding through a mouthful of rice " I did lots of monkey bars!"

"Mine was pretty good, too" said Galumph. "Fixed some code, had a few meetings, solved that interface problem that had been bugging us. How was yours, honey?"

"Productive!" answered Jorth. "I was cleaning out some cupboards when I came across a whole pile of WIPs. Actually, I think we all know that they had long since ceased being WIPs and were now UFOs, so I took them out, shook off the dust, blocked them, wove in all the ends and now they are FOs. All 22 of them!"

"Er, sweetheart - what language are you speaking?" asked Galumph, completely flabbergasted by the above explanation.

"Knitting, Dad!" said Grumbles. Taking pity on her poor father, she translated "Mum found all those facewashers that she was knitting over summer, and finished them off so now instead of being UnFinished Objects or Works In Progress they are Finished Objects. Right, Mum?" she said, glancing over at her mother, who was beaming with pride at her little knitter and giving a nod of confirmation.

"So let me get this straight: you finished all the facewashers, so we're all going to have plenty to use from now on?" said Galumph. Gazing at the two heads nodding back at him, he said "Well, let's drink to that!", and they all raised their glasses of raspberry lassi and chink-chinked their understanding and plentiful facewasher situation.

Facewasher #2

I can't believe I started knitting these facewashers two and a half years ago. UFO indeed! Still they are done now, and I'm quite looking forward to using them. There's no recipe for them per se - I just cast on 40 stitches on 3.5mm needles, and knit in single moss stitch until I had a vague square shape.

The yarn used is an organic cotton from Ecoyarns. Lovely, lovely stuff, and Fairtrade to boot.


  1. I cant believe you knitted them AT ALL I am impressed.

  2. It is always satisfying to finish a UFO or two, but so much more so when they are YEARS old, don't you think? It is a shame that non-crafting people don't get that lol :P

  3. Oh Mem, it did take two and half years!

  4. and moss stitch no less!

  5. Ooo, I've used the same yarn for a facewasher too, so I know how wonderful they'll be!


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