Monday, October 24, 2011

Striped Seaming

Striped Seaming

The two knitting archaeologists jostled for space at the dusty window. Alf, being older and stouter, won as per usual so Bob had to content himself with peppering Alf with questions as he peered into the room.

"C'mon Alf - what's she doing? Can it be true? Is she really seaming?"

Alf let out a little whistle of surprise. "Can she be seaming? My boy, not only is she seaming, but she's seaming that pink and black striped sweater she started earlier in the year. We are witnessing the completion of a Finished Object!"

Bob jiggled about excitedly behind Alf's copious back. "So the rumours are true - the black yarn she was waiting on finally did come into the store, and now she's able to finish the sweater. Geez - this is momentous!"

Alf turned to him with a broad grin. "Momentous it is, my boy. Yes, admittedly, Jorth has been true to form in waiting until summer had practically started before finishing up her winter garment, but at least she's getting it completed in the year she began it. This, dear lad, is a cause for celebration!"

Bob grinned like a schoolboy and asked "Would it be undignified to dance?"

Alf chortled. "Yes, it would be, but hang it - let's do it anyway!"

It's a pity Jorth was so intent upon her seaming, because if she had of looked outside her window at that moment she would have seen two very happy knitting archaeologists - on yet another mission to find and rescue the poor neglected knits of the world - merrily doing a jig, celebrating the fact that this knit, as least, was not doomed to spend its days unfinished and stuck in a bag, forgotten in the back of a closet.


  1. You are so funny :)

  2. I'm mesmerised by those stripes and your "excuse the pun" yarn!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. I am cheering wildly with Bob and Alf. And gazing with a raised eyebrow at the beginnings of a cardi in spiderwebby 2ply...


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