Clutch tutorial and giveaway!


Good morning everybody! Have you sauntered over to WhipUp yet? Well you should, because I have a nifty clutch tutorial up there as part of the guest blogging series. Hoorah! They are so quick and fun to make, and handy for when you want to fancy up an outfit.

However, if you don't feel like making one of your own, then leave a comment because I am giving away the fabulous one in the picture above. Yay! I'll leave the giveaway open until Friday, and am happy to post anywhere in the world. I've got some Vegemite I need to send to Switzerland anyway, so what's another parcel, eh?

Enjoy the tutorial, and good luck!

Carla  – (8:45 am)  

Found you first through whip up and now have been pouring over your blog love it!

Rie  – (10:00 am)  

Oh - yummo! Love the fabric & mmm, now I fancy some vegemite on toast!!

Sarita  – (11:55 am)  

I love it! And I've never had Vegemite.

Amy  – (1:56 pm)  

The clutch looks lovely - I think you may have finally convinced me that red and pink can work together!

Pomegranate  – (3:37 pm)  

ooOOOooo It's so pretty! and a great tutorial, Can't wait to get started!

Fer  – (4:38 pm)  

Ooo, so nice! Love that Ink & Spindle fabric too.

littlefoxesdesigns  – (1:20 am)  

So Awesome! And I love the photo too!

henry  – (11:06 pm)  

You make my day - you quirky little mumma! I love your passion and humour -thanks for the blog - good on you and your style

Rajaram S  – (7:44 pm)  

Came here through a long route. DIY for kids --> whipup --> your blog. Pretty nice ideas (along with details) on your blog. My daughter has a tshirt very similar to the yellow one with buttons and she loves it, because of the ease with which she can keep chewing on the buttons!

Jessa  – (2:53 am)  

I just found your blog and I love love love the material you used. I would be tickled to win this clutch!

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