Monday, August 01, 2011

Plant a tree

National Tree Day 2011 #1

National Tree Day 2011 #2

We don't have a garden. Sob! We do have a balcony, but it's in a tricky spot - half the year it gets no sun at all, and drying clothes on it is a major challenge, and the other half of the year it gets too much, and what few pots we have been brave enough to put out invariably get fried in the relentless Australian summer heat. It's a bit sad, because I would really, really love a patch of ground to call my own.

So you can bet when Planet Ark put out their yearly plea for volunteers to come and help plant trees on National Tree Day, I am first in line. Sunday morning was spent squatting on the cold, muddy ground, dodging the bits of flying dirt and stones being flicked from shovels, wedging trees in to tiny filled in holes, hoping nobody noticed how many root systems Grumbles was managing to tear, wearing manky gloves that may have contained spider webs and then eating a thank-you gift of a really burnt sausage. It was AWESOME!

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