Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pink and red

Pink Top

Rolanda, in life, had been a colour trend forecaster, and a rather good one at that despite her brusque personality. In the afterlife, however, she was just another ghost. The thing that she missed most about being alive was not, as you may suppose, her family and friends. She was now free to pop on in and see how they were anytime she fancied (not that she often did - she found them even more boring in death that she had in life). No, the thing that Rolanda really missed was colour. In the afterlife she was surrounded by nothing but a dull sort of grey transparency. The ghost buildings were a see-through grey, the other ghosts were a see-through grey - even the ghost mountains, if you squinted hard enough, could be seen through, and were - you guessed it - grey.

One morning Rolanda flitted along the streets, and thought about visiting her mother, but decided that she couldn't bear to find her mother prostrate once again in front of the macabre Rolanda shrine she had set up in her lounge room. The thing that really got up Rolanda's nose was the constant wailing of "Rolanda, my sweet girl!" that her mother did, as Rolanda was quite certain that her mother hadn't found her at all sweet, or even likable in real life. She had just decided that she would hang out at the city cemetery and yell out "Boo!" at unsuspecting mourners when a movement in a window caught her eye.

Rolanda entered the room with no qualms (even in life she hadn't been exactly known for her manners) and watched as Jorth rummaged in her wardrobe, looking for something to go with the new bright pink top she had made. Rolanda watched with increasing frustration as Jorth tried it against this skirt, or that pair of pants with no success. Roland finally burst out "For heaven's sake, girl - it's right in front of you. Pair it with the red necklace! My sainted aunt, do I have to do it for you?"

No sooner than those words been uttered that Rolanda found self zooming uncontrollably into Jorth's body. "Right!", thought Rolanda, ever the organiser. "Now I'm in here I'll show her how to do it!" After a couple of wobbly tries she managed to make Jorth lay the top on the bed, then she grabbed the red coral necklace from the open jewellery box and placed it on the top. She then found a nice piece of red fabric, and arranged it below the top like a skirt.

Suddenly tired out by the exertion it required to inhabit a humans body, Rolanda wished herself free and floated over to sit down on the bed and watch Jorth's face. Jorth touched her fingers to her forehead and muttered "Wow... I felt really weird for a moment there." She reached over to the glass of water on her bedside table and took a long drink. She felt much better after that, and wondered idly what had come over her.

Jorth then let her gaze fall on the outfit on the bed. "Strange..." she thought. "I don't remember putting those there." She stood and looked at it for a while, and then said "Red and pink... that's actually not a bad combo... maybe I could make this fabric into a skirt, it'll look awesome with the pink top. There is, after all, that Burda magazine skirt I wanted to make. Yep, that will do the trick. Man, I'm a sartorial genius!"

Rolanda rolled her eyes, and said out loud in a very sarcastic voice "Well, my work here is done", and left via the wall to find some more mischief to do. Jorth looked around the room, and even though she knew perfectly well that she was alone had the very odd feeling that she was being laughed at. She shook off the feeling, and bent down to the cupboard to get out her sewing machine. Now inspiration had struck, she had sewing to do.

Project Details
Pattern: Ottobre Design Creative Workshop: Women's Best Tops
Size: 34

This is going to be my go-to t-shirt pattern from now on, for the good reason that it's absolutely perfect! Great fit, with just the right amount of ease. You can choose from three neckline options (round, scoop or v) and three sleeve options (sleeveless, short or long). I'm so happy I bought this pattern, as I'm pretty sure I'll be using it to make tops for the rest of my days.

I'll show you a fuller picture in the next few days when I finish the skirt to go with it!

The necklace I made a few years ago using coral beads from Boutique Beads. I love me a good statement necklace.


  1. i LOVE pink & red together!

  2. It is a fab pattern. My fave tee too.

    Pink and red is lovely.

  3. Anonymous9:18 am

    Pink and red make a lovely combination. One of my favorites, actually.

    Oh, and I love your storytelling, too!!!


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