Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sew With A Plan

Wheeeeeee! Thanks for letting me have a little peep in your craniums about your sewing plans or not, as the case may be. So glad I'm not the only who sews on a whim. This year I am really going to try and Sew With A Plan (or SWAP, as they call it) but you can be assured when the right pattern or fabric comes along all my good intentions will be thrown out the window as I race to whip up something completely unexpected.

Not that I'm allowed to buy any more fabrics or patterns. Uh huh. No siree. Wouldn't even think of it.

Still, that's not stopping me from thinking about the needs of Grumbles. It's not my fault that there is not a single, solitary fabric in my stash that is suitable for her (just humour me here!) We spent a pleasurable few hours last week figuring out what she needs for this summer. I think we've come up with a great mix of practical yet fun outfits. And besides, isn't half the fun the dreaming about it?

Sewing Grumbles

Clockwise from top left: Ruffle Skirt #15 1/2001, Floral Dress #26 3/2001Pinafore #10 2/2005, T-shirt #29 and Skirt #30 3/2009, Sailor Dress #28 3/2001. All designs from Ottobre Design Magazine. The best part about Ottobre Design Magazine is that you can order every single back issue from their website. Love that!


  1. I have to say I miss sewing children's clothes (my daughters are young women now). Grumbles won't be grumbling about these choices. So cute.

  2. Ottobre is the best! Grumbles is going to look absolutely gorgeous this summer. ♥

  3. I have the reverse problem with my stash - acres and acres of fabric for my children and none for myself. I love all the patterns you have chosen but particularly the floral skirt with the ric rac trim. I made one for my eldest daughter last summer - so quick and easy and she loved it too. So much so that she has been through my stash and allocated several pieces for this summers versions.

  4. I can just see Grumbles in that sailor's dress. Better get a move on - summer's here, if yesterday's weather is anything to go by....

  5. Adorable & thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  6. Love love love that sailor dress! May need to borrow that pattern.

    How about a SWAP-along? To keep us all in check and on the right track.


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