Friday, August 05, 2011

Red yarn and phlegm

Red Knitting

(In scary ghostly voice) Welcome, dear friends, to the House of Sickness. Come in, if you dare, and you shall see the Galumph, hiding away in the bedroom with a heat pack pressed to his head, nursing a vicious inner ear infection. Behold the agony on his face!

In the lounge you shall find Grumbles, taking her third day off school this week, desolately coughing up more phlegm with her hacking cough. But the horrors do not stop there - she will often trot over to her mother, opening up the tissue she has just expectorated into and state in a fascinated voice "Look! This one's really green!" Avert your eyes if you must!

The lady of the house is hiding away, desperately trying not to pick up any of their germs, and mainlining orange juice to boost her immune system. On the plus side, she is getting a lot of knitting done. On the down side she is sleeping very little as every cough uttered by Grumbles in the middle of the night requires her to peek into her room to check on her offspring. The bags under Jorth's eyes may well be the scariest thing in the house. Wooooooooooo!

(Reverting back to normal voice) Erm, ok, hope you all have a lovely weekend, and that your place stays sick-free. Also that you don't end up with CABIN FEVER LIKE ME. ARGGHHHH!


  1. i heart this post. no wonder you're a writer and all.

  2. That sounds a bit like our place at the moment (but without the red yarn). Betcha my eyebags are bigger than yours. Stay sane and I hope everyone is better again soon!

  3. Sending healing thoughts your way!

  4. Think of your relief (and Grumbles' disappointment) when her offerings are a mere yellow colour.

    Hope everyone is better and rested up soon.

  5. Hope everyone gets better soon. Love that red yarn!

  6. Oh that's nasty. Here's hoping the dreaded lurgy moves on too sweet!

  7. Anonymous1:54 am

    Oh, poor things! Hope they feel better soon. On a positive note, that red yarn is absolutely superb!

  8. Oh I hope they feel better soon (and have less green phlegm to show you!)

  9. Stunning colour, stunning quality!

    Hope they are better soon, Manuka Honey all round!


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