Monday, August 22, 2011

View from a bike path

Bike Ride #1

Bike Ride #2

Bike Ride #3

Bike Ride #4

Bike Ride #5

Bike Ride #6

Bike Ride #7

Really, it's the only way to travel!

Bike paths traversed: Outer Circle Trail, Gardiners Creek Trail and Yarra Trail.


  1. You weren't far from me! Outer circle shot...that's where I run. x

  2. SHOTS...I pick it up in Camberwell & run it until Kew.

  3. Thank goodness for that. I kept waiting to see one of those pics tipped 90 degrees. You've got great balance, luv.

  4. Anonymous1:37 am

    I love these pics so much. It's incredibly cool to see the scenery change around them. Amazing series of shots!!

  5. oh to have bike paths with views like these! this is like reason #489 on my list of Why I Need to Move Near Jorthy. seriously, why am i still here?

  6. You're lucky to live in flat city. Bikes don't cut it so well in Sydney. It all uphill and down dale.


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