Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spring fever


I always say that autumn is my favourite season, but gee whiz, spring isn't too far behind!

I'm meant to be working on my book today, but instead of being stuck in front of a computer screen I'd much rather be outside, lying under a blossom tree, enjoying the sun on my skin and feeling the wind tickle my toes.

Still, these darn character studies won't write themselves, eh? (tears herself away from window and slumps back down in front of the computer)


  1. What gorgeous blossoms!
    I hear you. I'd much rather be outside reading a good book than inside with my 'to-do-while-kids-are-resting' list.

  2. Autumn and spring are my favourites, in that order. ♥

  3. Anonymous9:15 pm

    It is beginning to turn to autumn here - cool breezes in the morning, the sound of geese flying south overhead - and I agree that the change of seasons is a magical time.

  4. I think it's so interesting that you are thinking about spring and we on the other side of the world are thinking about fall.

  5. Don't know about the spring, but I've had the fever - yep, ready for spring now!!!!


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