Monday, August 08, 2011

Sweets for my sweet

Chocolate Mousse

Come around to ours tonight - it's the Galumph's birthday, and we're having chocolate mousse for dessert! Well, you might - I've licked so many bowls and spoons making it that I am officially moussed-out. Urp.

Goodness knows what the dentist is going to say when I rock up this afternoon with my manky chocolate mousse breath. And my too-much-rich-food tummy ache. Oh well - happy birthday Galumph!


  1. Yum - Mousse is the treat de jour at our house too.

  2. happy birthday galumph! i hope the household is phlegm free!

  3. Chocolate mousse? Yes please!!

  4. Happy Birthday Galumph!! My, you have been busy with birthdays of late - did you really need an excuse to make yummy chocolate mousse? Hope you are all well now.

  5. Happy Birthday Gallumph! Birthday mousse = perfect.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALUMPH!! I've been internetless for days so i'm sorry i'm a tad late :)


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