Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goodbye Winter, hello Spring!


Standing at her window, Jorth squinted out, and beheld the tall, upright creature striding along. Although she was just a speck on the horizon, there was no mistaking who she was, just as there was no mistaking the scent of jasmine in the air, the sudden warmth from the sun that blazed down to warm bones after chilly mornings, and the green shoots of grass poking up fresh and young from the sodden, wet earth.

She was Spring, and Winter, old curmudgeon that he was, was hoicking up his skirts of sleet and frost and scampering away. He had no time for Spring, what with her flower blossoms and buzzing bees and all that carry on. Occasionally, if he was feeling larkish he would swoop down upon her just as she was getting settled in, but in the main he liked to keep a good distance in front of her and concentrate on his job of quieting the world, whilst she tripped along with a jolly air after him, waking it all up again.

Jorth sat down at her kitchen table, and though "Well! If Spring is on her way, I'd best amend my sewing list. Besides, I'd better have something to show my probation officers when they make their visit." For the next few minutes there was nothing to be heard but the birds calling outside, and the faint scratching of her pencil. When she had finished, she looked down at her list with satisfaction. Many winter sewing goals had been achieved, and she was glad she had decided to put off making her coat until next winter. In the next day or so she would go through her summer stash, and plan what she would make for the sunny days ahead. But firstly she had a few projects to finish. She'd wrap those up in the last weeks of winter, then summer sewing could commence.

Leaving her list on the table, she went outside, partly to enjoy the warmth in the air, but partly to let the wind dance through her hair as she thought happily of summer frocks ahead.

The list thus far:

Red skirt (Burda pattern) - fabric washed and read to go
Pink viscose top (Vogue 1020) - changed to Ottobre pattern, and cut out
Liberty splatter dress (Burda Magazine 8/2009) - changed to Vogue 8511
Liberty splatter skirt (Burda Magazine 9/2010) - soon to be done
Spotted black coat that was cut out last year - leave it to next year
Black wool dress (McCalls 6199) - scrapped. Think I'll make something else
Cowl wool dress (McCalls 6069) in pink wool knit and another in blue viscose knit
Liberty shirt (Simplicity 2255) - almost done, just need to do the sleeves!
Our Favourite Top in pink linen knit - Changed to Vogue 1020
Blue tencel dress for Grumbles - next year
Grey corduroy dress for Grumbles - next year
PJ pants for Grumbles and myself
Softie doll for Grumbles (x2!)

Black yoga wrap (only 1.5 sleeves to go. C'mon, Jorth!)
Black and pink striped jumper - when that one ball of yarn finally arrives then it'll be done!
Pink baby shrug for a friend - yarn discontinued, sob!
Striped cardigan for Grumbles - changed to red dress, quarter done

Super pink dress
Green scarf (not yet blogged as a finished object)


  1. The list certainly looks do-able! Here's looking forward to seeing some results blogged soon. ♥

  2. You have warmth in the air? In Victoria?? Could you please send some to us on the other side of the country?

    You don't have much left on your list, you'll be done in no time!

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