Birthday dolls


There are several very nifty things about the dolls I've just made for Grumble's birthday:

1 - They are all made from scraps or recycled materials (excluding the stuffing). Even the buttons, which came from a box of used buttons I bought on eBay aaaaaaages ago. Austerity crafting at its best!

2 - Each fabric, being a scrap from another project, has a memory. The pink doll, for example, features fabrics left over from the pjs Grumbles and I made. I really like that about these dolls.

3 - They are so darn huggable! Especially the pink flannel one. Which is good, because her arms are kinda permanently in hug-mode, due to my wonky sewing. Um, design feature?

4 - The pattern, from the amazingly talented Nic of 60 piggies, is free, so you can made some for yourself. Give Nic a virtual internet high five, ok?

5 - When Grumbles wakes up on her birthday morning and sees these two perched on the end of her bed, she's going to LOVE them (I hope!)


Robyn  – (3:24 pm)  

They're gorgeous - I'm sure she'll love them.

Gail  – (3:35 pm)  

Well if Grumbles doesn't like them I do! Very creative and marketable.

cherri  – (4:59 pm)  

You've been busy preparing for this birthday Jorth! The dolls are very sweet - I love that you made two - twins for Grumbles.

Tas  – (5:01 pm)  

Oh divine. Lucky Grumbles. Every time you make these dolls, I think "I must" but I still haven't :P

Evelyne  – (5:02 pm)  

Happy Birthday Grumbles!!! Have a fantastic day - Love the dolls!!

nikkishell  – (8:51 pm)  

FAB! Can i put in an order for my next birthday please? ;)

sarasews  – (11:46 pm)  

Love these, and what perfect fabric combos! A playful take on a kid classic.

Hootnz  – (7:26 am)  

Oh I love these, and thankyou for the link :)

rubyslippers_86  – (8:05 am)  

Im printing pattern for these as we speak, so cute!!

Fer  – (9:51 pm)  

Grumbles has a pretty great Mum. ♥

Anonymous –   – (12:22 am)  

Keep this going please, great job!

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