Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tulle Hair Ties

Grumbles and Jorth were sitting at the kitchen table, intently planning her 7th birthday party. Since Grumbles was only allowed a big party every two years, this was quite an event to her almost 7 year old mind.

"So!", said Jorth, sucking hard at the end of her pencil as she looked at the list in front of her, "we're agreed on a cup cake cooking party, yeah? With Pass-the-Parcel as the game, and fairy bread to snack on."

"And party bags!" said Grumbles. "Don't forget the party bags!"

Jorth grinned at her daughter. "Of course we'll have party bags, you duffer. What do you want to put in them?"

Grumbles sat and thought hard. Finally she said "Mum, I'm not really into all the plastic junk that most people put in theirs. Can we make the party bag things?"

"Ahhh!", thought Jorth. "She's a maker, this one! And wants to be plastic free! I'm as proud as punch."

The kid wanted to make, so we did make. First cab off the rank are some super sweet fluffy tulle hair ties. I googled around for a bit, and found this tutorial from Martha Stewart. They are really very simple: basically you cut a long piece of tulle, then do a long gathering stitch down the centre (either by hand, or using a sewing machine). Gather up the tulle, then firmly attach to a hair tie. Done! Repeat 10 times so all the party girls can get one.

Tulle Hair Tie

After making these, I am TOTALLY thinking a garland of bigger and even fluffier ones would be the height of awesomeness draped around the living room!


  1. Cute! My favourite hair ties (storebought but would be super easy to make) my kids ever had were just a bunch of ribbon lengths tied around a hair elastic. Even in a simple pony-tail, they looked really fancy---good because I am not any good at doing hair. :)

  2. If i had the hair to tie in one i'd want for too! ;)

  3. AWE-SOME! Can you send me some? I'm actually now considering using the mesh from the leotards I've been sewing to make some as scrunchies to wear at State Championships...

    (And yes, I'm 23 and I still enjoy wearing scrunchies).

    Tell Grumbles she's not alone either; in my family with 4 kids, it was every 2 years for a party, and my brothers (twins!) had to share. We're all born in the same month, so this year we're having a joing 91st.

    (p.s. ultimate power card - we weren't allowed any presents until after dinner, EVER).

  4. 34 too old for hair ties? these are the sorts of dilemmas i have after reading your blog. i'm going to go with no, though if you see me on the street crowned in tulle you have my blessing to hide behind a lamppost till i wander off.

  5. That's so cool. Your girl's got style. ♥


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