Thursday, June 23, 2011

A ticket off Sleeve Island

Yoga Wrap Sleeve

Jorth was wandering the sandy beaches of Sleeve Island, and was in quite a despondant mood when she suddenly stubbed her toe. "For the love of garter stitch!" she growled. "It's bad enough that I'm stuck here, getting more freckly by the day, and with no balls of black yarn in sight with which to finish my striped sleeve, and now I have to go and injure myself. Grrrrrrrrr!"

She bent down with the intention of finding the offending object and hurling it out as far to sea as she could. But to her great surprise she discovered as she dug around in the sand that instead of being a mere rock or stick, it was actually a treasure chest. Jorth carefully prised open the lid, and instantly recognised the bag within. It was her old canvas knitting bag, and inside was the completed body and sleeve of a Yoga Wrap she had begun back in 2009. But best of all were the knitting needles, and two lovely big balls of alpaca yarn.

Jorth began to do the most uncoordinated happy dance you ever would see on the sand. She cared not that her fingers were likely to sweat knitting up the alpaca in the heat. She cared not that her knitting would probably be covered in gritty sand from knitting on the beach. She certainly didn't care that the knitting smelt rather dusty from being hidden away as a wip for so long. All she cared about was Monday, when the Sleeve Island Service would once more be arriving, for she would be standing there on the jetty with two finished yoga wrap sleeves to present as her ticket off the cursed place, and the unfinished striped jumper sleeves carefully hidden away under her shirt.


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  1. Thank goodness. I was about to send out a care package...

  2. Phew! I thought i was going to have to knit one sleeve to be able to see you again! (it wouldn't be so bad being stuck on an island together though!)

  3. i hope they don't do pat downs to get on this boat.


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