Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When in doubt, read the instructions


Well, so much for my escape from Sleeve Island! Blithely I'd started the second sleeve on my yoga wrap, and was merrily knitting away when I ran into a smidge of trouble with the sleeve cap decreases. For some reason, I didn't have enough stitches, but for the life of me couldn't figure out where I had gone wrong.

"Never mind!", I thought, and like an idiot knitted on, reconfiguring my calculations and making up my own cap decreases on the fly, and ignoring the little voice that kept insistently saying "Jorth! You KNOW this isn't working! What are you doing? This is going to be a disaster!"

You know what happened next, of course. I finished the sleeve, and put it next to the first sleeve. That sleeve had a lovely normal looking sleeve cap. The second one was oddly elongated and skinny, like a sleeve cap that had been stretched and starved by some renegade knitting tyrant. And that knitting tyrant was me, because I am both impatient and stupid.

Yet STILL I couldn't figure out where I had gone wrong. Until, um, hello? Let's reread the pattern. That would be a clever idea, yeah? And there it was, as clear as day: Working in chart pattern, at the same time INC 1 ST EACH SIDE on 23rd, then following 22nd rows 6 times etc etc. Cue light bulb. Oh yeah, the increases. I kinda forgot all about those. D'oh!

So if anybody wants me, I'll be in the frog pond, ripping, ripping, ripping away. And most deservedly so!


Don't forget - you've only got one more day to enter the Seam Allowance Guide giveaway, so if you haven't gotten your entry in yet, you'd best skedaddle!


  1. That sounds like the sort of self-destructive, head-in-the-sand thing that I'd do. My sympathies.

  2. On no, that sounds awfully familiar, my commiserations :(

  3. oh oh! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrippit! ;)


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