Pink and red sorta stripes

Back in the day, when I was studying fashion design, one of our teachers told us that if we ever made a mistake in a garment we should never declare it to be an actual error. Instead, she breezily informed us, we should tell people it was a design feature.

So that big pink section you can see that has no red stripes? Well, don't you go thinking that it's because I ran out of red wool. No darlings, it's a design feature!


Oh my gosh, who am I kidding? This is what happens when you go rummaging around in your stash, and come up with one smallish ball of red, and one and a halfish balls of pink. I thought I could beat the odds by doing four rows of pink to two rows of red, but the gamble obviously didn't pay off. Still, Grumbles is super happy with it, and I got to do some stashbusting. Year of Frugality AND austerity crafting still going strong round these parts, you see.

Project Details
No pattern per se, just four rows of colour A then two rows of colour B in stocking stitch
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country Silk in Ruby and Pink (just tried the Cleckheaton website, and this yarn has now been discontinued)
Needles: 4.5mm

Bernice  – (7:23 pm)  

That's a cute scarf. Almost as cute as that smile. By the way, I loooooved your dolls. I've bookmarked them to make for a friend next month for her daughter's first birthday.

Tas  – (7:25 pm)  

I am sure that a partially striped scarf will be THE new fashion trend. Anyhow, as long as the kidlet approves, that's all that matters :) Love red and pink together.

Kelly  – (8:20 pm)  

So funky, I love the effect ☼

Melissa G  – (8:26 pm)  

It works quite well. Definitely an enhancement.

nikkishell  – (8:33 pm)  

Definitely a design feature! ;)

Evelyne  – (8:35 pm)  

You've started a new trend - I like it!!! Grumbles does too, so that's all that matters.

Scarlet  – (9:09 pm)  

It looks great just as it is! And thank you about the story with your teacher, cause today i'm going to school and i painted a corset and now i have second thoughts about it. But i'll go to school proud because of you, no matter what they'll say! Thank you!

nic  – (12:14 am)  

jorthy, this is the stuff trends are made of. even your miscalculations are genius!

Fer  – (3:57 pm)  

Love it. I think most of my handmade stuff has design features!

MushyWear  – (7:12 pm)  

Super cute! It just wouldn't be the same without this "design feature". Boy, I wish I had the patience to learn to knit!

Ronniie  – (12:04 am)  

Love the design feature. Seriously if you hadn't mentioned it, that's what I would have thought!

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