Friday, August 18, 2006

Yoga Wrap

Finally, my Yoga wrap is done, and it's every bit as warm as I suspected it would be. I finished it last night, and as soon as I had secured the last bit of thread, I slammed into my jimjams and snuggled on into it. Ahhh, woolly goodness - I like!

What's that ya say? You want pics? You got pics!

Project specs:
Pattern - Yoga wrap from Winter 2005 Vogue Knitting, size small
Needles - 6mm circulars (bamboo, of course!)
Yarn - 4.5 balls Rustic 12 ply in Earth from Bendigo Woolen Mills

Even though I was bored silly whilst knitting it (maybe it was the 119 stitches on 6mm circs that was weighing me down, both literally and figuratively) I kinda miss the ol' knit two together, yarn over, knit one, yarn over combo. Not so much that I'm going to rush out and knit another, but still, it sort of makes me feel like when summer comes to an end. Gah, pull yourself together, girl!

Anyways, it's as warm as toast, and I can see I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this one. Yahoo! Actually, double yahoo - when I was in the supermarket this morning a lady stopped to tell me how much she liked it! Oh yeah, I'm rocking the Yoga wrap!

UPDATE: For those who want the pattern, you can buy it from the Vogue Knitting Pattern Store.


  1. that is so pretty! fab job!

  2. oh, it's gorgeous. I love it!!

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Very cool! Youve certainly got afew more knitting tricks up your sleeve than moi...who has just mastered the caste on. Very sad.

    & I like your modelling poses....

  4. You are amazing!!!

  5. Rockin' thee yoga wrap, fer sure! It rocks! Nice sunnies, by the way ;)

  6. Anonymous3:04 pm

    That is fab - if you are ever up for doing another one I would lluurrvvveee one - I am good for it and would pay-you-top-dollar! Although going through all those stitiches may just tip you over the edge!

  7. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Fantastic! Great colour. I predict a long and happy relationship between yoga wrap and you. :)

  8. That is so fantastically amazing!! I love it!!! Really great job!!

  9. Stunning. I envy you your patience!
    It does look good. YOu must be so pleased with yourself!

  10. It's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. You look fabulous, dahhhhling!

  11. Oh that looks so lovely and snuggly.

  12. this is gorgeous!!! well done!

  13. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Grats - it looks SUPER! How do you keep it closed?

  14. OH MY GOSH! that is beautiful! I'm so impressed!

    You look amazing!

  15. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Don't you just love it when you get compliments like that?! I was talking to a guy at the bus stop today and he gasped when i told him my age (28) he said he thought i was about 16! I took it as a compliment.
    The wrap looks fab, makes me want to get my hourglass finished.

  16. wow, the yoga wrap is gorgeous, love the colour too...

  17. Giggling at Nichola's comment. My dentist told me that I ought to get my wisdom teeth out now because once you're over 35 you don't heal as well. I smiled gratefully and told him I'm 42 and then asked him to marry me.

    Sorry. I digress.

    Yoga wrap is stunning!

  18. Anonymous6:21 pm

    This is so fab and glam! You paired it perfectly with that cute black top. And I love how you look with your chic glasses. So very Vogue!

  19. Congratulations! it's beautiful. I'd stop you in the market, too.

  20. Anonymous1:50 pm

    That is so amazing. I'm a knitter, but I don't have that type of patience to knit anything that complicated.



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