Thursday, August 31, 2006

Countdown #5

Finally, the big 100 is here! Whilst I've enjoyed doing this, it's been getting harder and harder to think of interesting facts about myself. If today's effort is a little on the shoddy and desperately-scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel side, then please excuse me.

Seatbelts on? Let's go!

20 - I lovelovelove getting dressed up. I'd always rather be overdressed and look fabulous than look blobby like everybody else.
19 - You will never ever catch me wearing trakkie daks. Those days are over, my friends! (Unless I go for a run, and it's kinda cold, but that's different)
18 - Having said that, I don't mind if other people do. Go for comfort, kids.
17 - I'm currently having French lessons, even though there is no immediate plan to travel to a French-speaking country. Just something to do, really.
16 - I was a really stupid kid. Good at school, but stupid at common sense things. For example, my brother was a runner, and had the special running shoes with the spikes on the bottom. Once he was cleaning them, and I was sitting beside him, and for a joke he told me to place my hand on the table. Idiot me did it, and he slammed the shoe down on my hand then had to peel it out, spike by spike. I was bawling "Whaddja do that for?" and he answered in shock "Why didn't you move your hand, like everybody else does?" Like I said - stupid.
15 - I don't cope very well if I don't get a full, uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep. Particulary when I don't get it for a few days in a row. I was fine when Grumbles was a babe, and needed feeding every few hours, but that was because I was acclimatised to it. Now those days are gone, I'm back to being a psycho grumpybum.
14 - Every month I sit down and figure out a monthly menu plan, so we know what we're having for dinner each night. Then we go to the supermarket, buy all the grocery items we need for the month, and stock up on dairy and fruit 'n' veg as we need it. Nerdy, but damn the system works! No more wondering what we're eating each evening - just look at the list on the fridge and say "Oh! Salmon on braised chickpeas!" Mind you, this is usually followed by an expletive and "I've forgotten to soak the chickpeas", but never mind that.
13 - In the past I've sported the shaved head look. It really didn't do me any favours.
12 - Now half my hair is short, and the other side is long. It's quite a look!
11 - I'm thisclose to becoming a vegetarian, but I can't bring myself to give up sausages and salami. Pathetic, isn't it?
10 - I don't shave my legs nearly as much as I could. I know it's time to do it when squirrels stop by and ask if they can live in the leg hair forest.
9 - I love riding my bike. It's such a good feeling, when the day is fine, and there's no wind, and you're going fast enough to feel ever so slightly rebellious, but not so fast that you can't stop in time, and guys in cars look over approvingly thinking to themselves "Whooooa, hot chick on bike at three o'clock" (okay, maybe I'm just imagining the last bit) and then you stop and buy an icy pole, and plonk down in a park to eat it, and at the end of the evening you happily say "What a fabulous day!"
8 - Speaking of icy poles, my favourites are those 50 cent lemonade flavour numbers, and I am extra happy if they have been sitting in the freezer all winter and have ice crusties on them. Yum!
7 - I'm always thrilled to pieces when somebody asks me "Did you make that?", and I can squeak back "Yes! Yes, I did!", but then about 8 seconds later my world falls to bits because I think that they only asked because it looks so crappy and handmade.
6 - I can recite Jabberwocky. (Did you hear that noise? It's the barrel.)
5 - I like learning the history of sayings. For example, mind your ps and qs is from the days of old, when bar tenders would yell out to their rowdy customers to mind their pints and quarts, otherwise they'd be taken from them. Apparently.
4 - I'm a very slow swimmer. So, if you're going to start drowning and need to be saved, please don't do it when we go swimming together. I'll never get there in time!
3 - Those questions, where you get asked "Which four people would you most like to have over for dinner"? I can never think of an answer for it, because I am convinced that anybody getting the invite would respond with "Oh, Jorth? Good gad, she'd bore me to tears! Put in the bin now, there's a good chap, and we'll just pretend we never received it"
2 - My mother named me after a character in a very well known movie musical. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have every second person burst into song when they are introduced to you? (I'll save you the trouble of wondering - it's damnably annoying)
1 - I have nothing more to say. For the moment. But at three in the morning I'm sure I shall think of the plethora of more interesting facts that I should have put down.


  1. Happy ONE HUNNERT to YOU! Huzzah! Hip hip hooray! (p.s: riding my pushy to the milk bar for an icy pole is one of my favourite things. Ever. It's those simple pleasures that make life so damn ace!)

  2. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Happy 100th post! I've really enjoyed this 100 about you series (and the rest of the blog). You crack me up!

  3. You should move to Austria - nobody here knows about that film/musical (except me ofcourse!).
    You are an amazing creature - I knew it before but after reading 100 things about you,I´m sure.

  4. It has been really great to read all the wonderful things about you.
    happy hundred!!!!

  5. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Hurray! Loved the list, it was so entertaining.

  6. Happy one hundred.
    Ditto number 6. you can put a great deal of expresson into it and no one knows what the hell you are talking about!

    This was a great list J. Thankyou

  7. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Your #14 astonishes me, gasp! So organised, and delicious too, I'll wager, having sneaked the odd peek at your food blog. Ripper list. Happy one hundred!

  8. Ha. You are wrong. Everyone would love to come by for dinner with you.

  9. Well, I certainly found those facts very interesting indeed, so no worries about the barrel thing.

    Actually I could have put 20,19,18,16,15,14,11,10,9,7,6,5,4 on my own list. (In fact I might, when I do one!).

  10. Anonymous11:49 am

    Happy 100th old duck. Three cheers to my first internet friend!

  11. I just asked K if he knew about #5 and he said NO....WHO'S DRINKING QUARTS?!

  12. Anonymous8:42 pm

    sorry I am so behind the times in commenting - I loved reading your top 100 - congrats. Your monthly menu planner is remarkable!

  13. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Read them all. Still laughing.


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