Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Countdown #4

Rightio, here we are, back again. Some commenters were clamouring for 1000 things about me. All I can say is this: Are you guys crazy? I'm really not that interesting. Forty to go, and I'm scratching my head and procrastinating as hard as my procrastinating muscles will allow me, which isn't very much, as by nature they are laaaaazy.

Enough, eh? Diving in:

40 - I'm bad at team sports. I get too grumpy when things go wrong. Grumpy soon turns to aggression. Last time I played in a netball team, I was sent off the court for kung-fu kicking the ball out of somebody's hands (hey, she was a nasty!). The moral of this ditty is don't ask me to play in your team.
39 - I'm always tickled pink when somebody refers to a vehicle as a job. As in, "Did you see that speedy little job just fly by?"
38 - I am a big fan of stationary. To me, the smell of a freshly shaved pencil is akin to the bouquet of rare flowers.
37 - I prefer tea to coffee. Irish breakfast is the current favourite.
36 - I came this close to swapping my biotechnology degree for a degree in applied physics, but my chemistry lecturer talked me out of it (the fact that I was failing chem probably had something to do with it).
35 - I went on to fail chemistry again. Only organic - I passed physical and inorganic. Close, but no free radical.
34 - I do not like the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sorry, dude.
33 - I do like the music of Hot Hot Heat. Check 'em out, they rawk!
32 - I once chase Tim Rogers down a street in Perth, and wrung his hand and told him how much he rawked. With a bemused air, he thanked me, and meandered on his way, whilst I spent the next hour shaking like a leaf and cursing my inepititude.
31 - I bought a trumpet on the weekend - how exciting! Now all I have to do is learn to read music, and I'll be a trumpety goddess!
30 - My favorite movie is White Christmas, followed by Gosford Park. Although when I was about 13, I read in that venerable upholder of journalistic integrity, The Herald-Sun, that Bing Crosby was a cross-dresser, which put me off him and the movie a bit.
29 - I'd just like to say that I never read the Herald-Sun anymore. However, when I was 13 I didn't get much say about which tabloidish crap was brought into our house.
28 - The Guardian, however, will always be welcome at my breakfast table. Which is just as well, as it's my homepage, and the brekkie table is usually neglected in favour of the computer desk, as it's the only time of the day I get to peacefully scan the blogs. Just in case any of you were wondering why I always seem to leave my comments at 7:04am.
27 - I like to walk. A lot. Which is good, because my feet are my main form of transport. This isn't to say that I was overly thrilled when the Galumph suggested that we do a bushwalk for our honeymoon.
26 - Still, we did it. Four days around Wilson's Promontory, with a week in a cottage in Yarram. I heard Paris was overrated, ya know?
25 - Whenever we told any of the locals in Yarram that we were honeymooning there, they looked at us in utter disbelief before laughing. However, one of them did ask me how long I'd been in Australia for, so I wouldn't take too much notice of what they say.
24 - I still have no idea which country she thought I was from.
23 - I cannot make a pavlova to save myself. I thought my chest was flat, but the pavs take the cake (heavens to Betsy, out come the baking metaphors). So, I just smother my failures (pavs, you dirty sods) in cream and fruit and call them 'meringue flans'.
22 - I am really looking forward to owning a home with a vegie patch and fruit trees out the back.
21 - As a child my favourite food was cold stew sandwhiches. Oh dear.


  1. Cold stew sandwiches? They rawk!

  2. Anonymous2:20 pm

    meringue flans? They sound good!

  3. 38. Oh, yes! Good stationary always soooo good!

    Being a transplanted English woman in Oz, I had not heard of 'rawk' before. I love it! Shall make sure I use it whenever possible.

  4. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Cheeseboy too stalks Tim Rogers. He surely must be way uglier (in that rocknroll way) in real life...?

  5. Trumpets are damned LOUD.

    (Son #1 played the trumpet for 6 months while deciding if he was a strings or brass man. I was quietly relieved when he chose strings).

    Have fun!

  6. I can't believe it...you got a trumpet. Yeahhhh! Brilliant. Well done you-you did something inspired.

    I saw a girl doing trumpet solos on TV recently and had to tell everyone. She was so GOOD. It sounded beautiful, soulful and jazzy. Gorgeous.

    You'll have a great time (don't know about the family though).

    Glad I didn't have to play team sports with you, by the way.

  7. Cold stew sandwiches they sound yum but spag bol sanbos were alwasy my childhood fav.

    Mmmm Tim Rogers, he was a more recent than childhood delish fav of mine.

  8. Have you seen a pocket trumpet? There seem to be different ideas of what one is, the kind I mean fits in your pocket! So cool you got a trumpet. Yaaaaaaa. Am enjoying your list and think you are v. interesting.


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