Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All it took was one piece of hedgehog

Over the weekend we went down to visit the Mothership-in-law's house at the coast with Galumph's sister, and it was marvellous. What with falling off bikes, and stitches and the like, we all needed a bit of R and R. The Galumph spent most of the weekend on the couch, nursing sore limbs, Grumbles had a ball exploring a new place, and I finished one sleeve of my Yoga wrap. There were walks in the forest, and walks on the beach. It really felt like the cobwebs had been swept away!

I still felt that vibe of freshness when I woke up this morning, so I decided to throw my usual routine out the window (which is run around madly doing dishes, laundry etc before bustling down the street to do errands and then back in time for Grumbles' sleep). I cranked up the stereo, Grumbles found a pair of my heels to put on, and we danced the morning away. We still had the music in our toes as we popped on down the street for storytime at the library, and on the way home I though "Gee, let's make a morning of it - I'm going to shout myself a piece of hedgehog slice!". I should have known it was too good to last, this feeling of being in control, and complete. As soon as I stepped in the coffee shop I was assualted with the smell of coffee, with orders being barked over my head. The combination immediately took me back to my first year uni days, where I worked a morning shift at a city cafe. The guy who ran the shop was horrid, as were most of his impatient, very-important-money-making customers. I used to loath going to work. Eeek. Now, in this shop, I found myself flailing under the glare of the insolent girl behind the counter, and when she asked me what I wanted, I spurted a stream of gibberish at her in a slightly mild trip-down-horror-memory-lane panic. She raised an eyebrow, asked me what I wanted again, and this time I was so determined to spit it out properly that I enunciated every single syllable of my request so clearly that I think she thought I was affected.

Sigh. Will I ever get it right, and stop being intimidated by narky shop assitants with ugly piercings? Who knew hedgehog slice came with such a high price of confidence crushing? Maybe one day - ONE DAY! - I'll feel like a proper grown up. Probably when I'm 84, and then I'll cark it the next day, knowing my luck!

At any rate, only one sleeve of ye old Yoga wrap to go. That's something.

PS - Thanks everybody for the Galumph's get well messages. He blushed everytime a new one came in - ahhhh!


  1. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Wow - that whole 'OMG - I am the blithering unhelpful idiot that I used to hate dealing with' syndrome is the one that I am afflicted with.

    You did see some rather handsome parrots - perhaps you can call it even for the weekend? Good luck with the final sleeve.

  2. The yoga wrap is going to be great. Looking forward to seeing that one finished.

    I sympathise with you on your cafe incident. I suffer from a similar but different affliction: the one where I talk far too much about a load of nonsense if the other party isn't speaking enough. Usually in the supermarket and with almost-strangers.

    Sounds as though you had a lovely break. Hold on to the feeling!

  3. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Good on you for finishing up the Yoga wrap. And don't let the narky shop assistants crush your confidence. What? Some narky assistant try to get YOU down? No way. You're THE Jorth! Say that in a mighty voice and you will feel the power :-)

  4. Anonymous9:31 pm

    I so know that feeling - of being batted about by the vagaries of the day. I think one day you will feel grown up. I am now almost able to not let shop assistants change my day. Sometimes I don't even try to be nice!!!!
    You have such a lovely family, making it qualifies you as a grown-up even if you don't feel it.

  5. Sod 'em Jorth! People like that are not worht the worry.
    As a previous commenter has said you are JORTH WOMAN! Next time tell them you want a long decaff skinny latte with cinnamon dusting. And the hedgehog slice must be fresh out of the oven!!!

  6. Sod 'em Jorth! People like that are not worht the worry.
    As a previous commenter has said you are JORTH WOMAN! Next time tell them you want a long decaff skinny latte with cinnamon dusting. And the hedgehog slice must be fresh out of the oven!!!

  7. Yes, they say that because we reach a certain age and bare(bear?)children, that we are supposed to be grown up.I'm 35 and I don't feel like a 'figure of authority' as I would have been labelled in my Mum's day!In response to the Cafe nervousness, of which many of us seem to be afflicted, I now look for the ones with minimal 'tweaking' done to the interior. A table with a plastic tablecloth and a jam jar vase has my name written all over it!!Cheers!

  8. I hate going into those coffee places. I went into a Starbucks once and asked for a LARGE coffee. She corrected me-being quite snotty- by saying "Grande". Or whatever "large" means in "starbucks-speak".

  9. Look at the colour of the birds on that table!! So unreal.


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