Monday, August 07, 2006

What did I do on the weekend? Oh, nothing much...

Bzzzzzzt! What was that flying past? Ah, the weekend. Zoom. So many things done. Like:

- Lunch at our French teacher's place. It was amazing - Watercress soup, followed by goose with cauliflower souffle, shredded zucchini and minted peas, and to top it all off, poached pears atop chocolate mousse. Can you believe, she actually plucked and cooked the goose herself. Talk about effort! And here's me not even bothering to do my miniscule amount of French homework each fortnight. Oh, the shame!

- Took blur-a-riffic snaps of the council fellows working hard through Saturday night to fix the humungeous gas leak down the street. When it came to machinery, you name it they had it. They'd even set up lights around the perimetre, so it was like a football game: Council vs Gas Leak. Council won, in extra time. As in 12:30 that night. Just as well we had plenty of Hornblower episodes to watch. Whaddya mean, nobody else does that on a Saturday night? Sheesh!

Mmmmm - gassy.

- Cut the Galumph's hair. I dread doing it, and for some strange reason he dreads having anybody else cut it. So, of course, I let it get as long as possible until G has had enough ("It's itchy!"), and then the trimming begins. Each time I swear that I'll never let it get that long again, because it's painful to cut, and he's getting a chop every six weeks. Which never happens, and thus the vicious circle continues. I have no idea why he likes me cutting it - I'm such a snappy hairdresser, pushing his poor head this way and that and barking at him to shuddupwillya? If I were him, I'd be fearing for my ears, but he bizarrely enjoys it. Strange fellow.

- We pulled out all our front garden, leaving only the silverbeet, which has yet to be eaten at all, behind. It looks kinda odd, like a silverbeet island in a dug up soil ocean.

- Cooked some of my world famous chocolate raspberries cakes for Galumph to take in to work tomorrow for his birthday. Great fight on between Galumph and Grumbles over licking the bowl. Galumph claims he let Grumbles win, but since I had my back turned anything could have happened.

- Discovered that the only way to get Grumbles to smile at the camera now is to let her pinch my neck. Nice one. So, in all the photos we took, Grumbles looks cheeky but delighted, whereas I looked pinched-out and freaky, with far too many teeth showing and my neck sagging in a frightening preview-of-me-at-90 kind of way. I'd hate to scare small children who may have wandered in front of the computer, therefore the excess Photoshopping. Plus it hides the grey.

Can you see the tell tale hand, still hovering in the neck vicinity? Mischievious blighter.

Onwards and upwards. The Galumph is 30 tomorrow. Wow!


  1. Exessive photo editing? Not only hides those pesky greys, but I found it makes blemishes and lines vanish too! My best friend.

  2. Anonymous6:18 pm

    That is a wonderful photo - Grumbles looks positively gleeful!

    Watercress soup always sounds so refined and delicate - was it nice to eat? Any flavour?

  3. Marianne, I have greys AND blemishes. Oh, the bitter unfairness of life!

    Kate, the soup was lovely - it tasted like a slightly peppery version of pea and potato soup. Deeelicious!

  4. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Happy birthday to the Galumph!

  5. Hang on. What grey? You should see mine (I assume we're not talking grey clothes here).

    I really like your city photos. I love the countryside but sometimes I see a city night photo and I feel I want to be there.

    My brother has just split with his French girlfriend and he said the same about the effort that goes into cooking/dressing/anything. But plucking your own goose! I've never eaten goose. I've never considered eating a goose (I'm not a vegetarian, though I sometimes think I should be as I don't much like meat).

    Gotta go. Taking over people's blog comments is becoming a habit.

  6. Lovely Pic.....such glee!

  7. Anonymous10:13 am

    Pinching necks eh...? if you see your hand, you can always photoshop it out....

    I hope mr jorth has a good day, arnt you both spring chickens!?


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