Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Strawberry bonanza

Strawberries #1

Strawberries #2

When I spied this box of strawberries at the local greengrocers then I knew it was my duty to make sure they found a good home!

Although I must say that getting them home was the hard part. It was so hard to fend off the wandering hands that keep sneaking into the box, blatantly ignoring my prudish cry of "But they haven't been washed yet!"

Still, I'm please to report that quite a few are now snuggled into the freezer, awaiting their fate as strawberry smoothies. Or maybe yoghurt icypoles. Or perhaps rhubarb and strawberry compote. Any other ideas appreciated!


  1. Anonymous11:36 am

    I live just down the road from a Strawberry farm, who have gate sales every Friday during strawberry season- 3 punnets for $6.50! We got into a habit of buying 6 punnets a week or fortnight. Three for us to eat, three for the freezer, so I still have a freezer FULL of strawberries! Other than what you have suggested, we saved a lot for winter and used them when there were no strawberries around. I made chocolate choc chip muffins with strawberries in them. I cooked them gently with some sugar to have as a topping for ice cream. They've been in pies and cobblers.

    When strawberry season is back (which should be this month some time) I'm thinking about using what is left in the freezer to make strawberry wine with. Yum!

  2. YUM! So many good suggestions there, rainbowsanddaydreams. Thanks - cobbler sounds great :)

  3. Don't forget strawberry daquiris!

  4. oh add to muffins, slices, brownies... oh the list goes on!

  5. Yum - don't forget strawberry sorbet (ver easy to make too: strawberries, sugar, lemon juice).


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