Friday, November 18, 2011

Broad bean, asparagus and zucchini green curry

Broad Beans

Broad bean, asparagus and zucchini green curry

What do both asparagus and broad beans have in common, besides being green and delicious? They both have super short availability, so don't wait to cook this! You could, conceivably, make this with frozen broad beans but I wouldn't bother, as they always taste of nothing to me. Fresh ones, however, sing with the flavours of spring.

Now, don't you start getting all angry at me, shaking fists in my direction and so forth, espousing "Maaaaaan! That Jorth, she is one crazy lady. Who she think she is, getting me to shell broad beans after a long day? She LOCO!" Trust me - it only takes a few minutes to shell the broad beans, and since they are added at the end of cooking, you've plenty of time to cook them whilst everything else is simmering away gently. I'd hate for you to miss out of the spicy, coconutty and fresh springy taste of this because you are worried it's too much work. It's not at all - you just have to do a few simple things at the same time.

Are you ready? I totally am - let's go!

15 - 20 broad bean pods
1 bunch asparagus, cut into thirds
1 zucchini, diced
1 tbsp vegetable oil
3 tbsp green curry paste (or more if you like your curries really hot, but I like this heat to be gentle so you can taste the vegetables)
300ml coconut milk
basmati or jasmine rice, to serve.

1 - Shell your broad beans, then take the bean and add them to a small pan of boiling water. Simmer for 5 - 10 minutes or until tender, then drain in a sieve, running cold water over the beans to stop them from cooking. Once they have cooled down, peel the outer skin off and set the beans aside.

2 - Meanwhile, heat the oil on a medium heat in a large saucepan or wok. Add the green curry paste and cook for 2 minutes. Add the asparagus and zucchini, and stir to coat with the paste.

3 - Add the coconut milk and 100ml of water. Bring to the boil, then gently simmer for 7 minutes, or until the vegetable are tender and the sauce has thickened. Add the peeled broad beans, and simmer for another two minutes. Take off heat and serve over rice.


  1. Well that's good timing, my gran just gave me some broad beans from her garden so I might make this for dinner!

  2. This looks great! I love green curry and broad beans so will try this soon. We eat broad beans a lot and I don't mind the frozen ones too, but they taste better if you take the outer skin off if frozen. You know we also eat the whole broad bean in the 'shell' (is that what it is called?) When they are fresh and young whole they are fantastic. We would have them Greek village style - boiled with potatoes and olive oil and lemon juice! Yum.

  3. I've been eyeing off the broad beans in my local organic greengrocer, wondering what I should do with them. This sounds fantastic! I'm going to try it this week. Thanks!

  4. OK, I made this recipe tonight, and it was such a huge hit with everyone! I used Thai brown jasmine rice to serve with it, yum! I had a thought that I should take a photo to send you, but it was all gone before I could reach for my camera! Really delicious, and oh so easy to make. So, thanks for dinner! What's on tomorrow night?
    xx H

  5. Snap! I've just done a post on broad beans too :-) Aren't they great? I'm definitely going to try your curry, looks yum.


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