Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monster Christmas Giveaway!

Monster Christmas Cards #1

Yikes! Do you know what tomorrow is? It's the first of December, that's what! Which means that I had really better get a skedaddle on, and start sending all of my overseas Christmas cards before I miss the boat.

Thankfully I have a most excellent card contact: Wendy June. She's an artist, illustrator and designer who makes some of the most awesome art I have ever laid eyes on. So this year I'll be sending some of her fantastic Monster Christmas cards to friends and family who live too far away to receive cookies in the post (I'm all about the grand plans at Christmas).

But here's the best bit: you can too! Wendy has generously gifted me with a packet of her Monster Christmas cards to give away on the blog. Hooray! The pack contains 6 cards with envelopes, proudly made by Wendy herself right here in Melbourne. To enter the draw, just leave a comment, preferably with a monster pun. I'll give you a couple to get started: Here's hoping you have a monstrously good Christmas! Or maybe Santa's coming tonight, tonight... oh no he's not. I ate him. Buuuuurrrrp!

Really? You ate Santa? Nah, these monsters are too sweet to eat Santa. Look at those eyes - they just want a cuddle. So leave a comment, and they could be yours. I'll close the competition on Friday morning Melbourne time, so if the winner is overseas I'll be able to post it before the international posting cut-off date. Good luck!

You can check out more of Wendy's fine, fine work at her website, shop or her Etsy shop.

Monster Christmas Cards 2


  1. I love Wendy June, I found her stuff a while back at one of the markets and bought a few prints for my son. She is also really lovely, my son emailed her and asked some questions about her artwork and she was kind enough to take the time to email him back.

  2. Send me the cards and I'll give you a kiss under the monster-toe!! *Groan* sorry that was really bad....but you kinda asked for it.

  3. ohhh yes please - I'll be in on this :-)

  4. Anonymous2:00 pm

    I hope these cards monsteriously make their way to my letterbox!

  5. What does a polite monster say when he first meets you? Pleased to eat you!

    These cards are monstrously cute!

  6. What kind of a monster likes to disco dance. A boogie monster

    I can't wait to get my hairy paws on some of these!

  7. Am wondering "Where the wild things are" and hoping I find them in my letterbox.

  8. Super fun cards! "My what big teeth you have....Santa!" I'm going to pop over and check out her Etsy shop. Thanks for the link!

  9. Monster awesome cards!

  10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat cards!

  11. What do you get when you cuddle with a monster? A teddy scare.

    I know, I know. But I made it up all by myself because it's my friend's birthday and his last name is also Jorth and that is how I stumbled upon your FABULOUS blog while I was searching for some jaunty image to post on his FB wall for his birthday today.

    Thanks for all the eye[ball] candy.


  12. I must win myself those cards, or I will be a monsterishly unhappy! Terrible I know, but the cards are so cute!


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