Thursday, November 10, 2011

Balloon Dress

Balloon Dress #3

Balloon Dress #1

There's a whole lot of dress twirling going on chez Jorth this week!

Love, love, love this dress I've just made up for the Tyger. If you look really closely at the print, you can see some rather resigned looking rabbits and girls floating away with their balloons - hee hee!

It was a fairly quick and easy dress to make up. What I like best about it is the binding finishing done on the inside of the armholes and neckline. It sits so nicely, and is worth the extra time it takes.

The only alteration I made to this pattern was using a 30cm zip instead of the 12cm zip specified in the instructions. I'd love to tell you all that there is a jolly good reason for increasing the zip length, but to be honest, I don't quite know why I did it - I think I got my inches and cms mixed up in the shop, and grabbed the wrong zip. Can you still blame things like that on baby brain, 7 years after the blessed event?

Project Details
Pattern: #19 - Underdress from Ottobre Design Magazine 1/2005
Fabric: 1.5m of balloon print fabric from the Children At Play range by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics, purchased from GJ's Discount Fabrics.
Notions: 30cm invisible zip

I really, really want to redraft this slightly and make a top version for myself. To be worn with skinny cigarette pants, bien sur! How nifty would that be?!?


  1. I love this dress, I would like it in my size! The little girl hanging onto her balloons is a very cute detail in the fabric!

  2. I have this pattern and will be sure to make it - I love that Sarah Jane fabric. She's an incredible illustrator!

  3. Beautiful! That fabric is gorgeous and the dress shows it off so well. Very twirly indeed.

    (and I think you can definitely blame baby brain 7 years on)

  4. The baby brain never gets better, we're stuck with it for life!

    Gorgeous dress!

  5. A pretty girl with the cutest dress does equal to sewing success and a little moment of joy for the kid. This is a nice project !! Were is the "I like" button ;-)

  6. I just love this fabric and yes I've checked out the bunnies - oh so cute, and so is the dress and Tyger (N).
    From a distance, could very well pass as a liberty - n'est pas?

  7. She swirls just like her mummy!

  8. I've taught the grasshopper well - we both continually banged into the wall!

  9. Cute! Lovely pattern, fabric and photo!

  10. I think little girls judge their dresses by how far they swirl! love your photos.


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