Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Melbourne Cup Day

Today is Melbourne Cup Day. Which means that it's a public holiday - hooray for the gee gees! Therefore there are two things you might find yourself doing today. One: You might be at the races, dressed in your finest, hoping your fascinator doesn't flutter off in the wind and casting an anxious eye at the grey clouds, praying that the downpour forecast doesn't occur, because flimsy chiffon gowns and raindrops don't mix.

Or, two, you could hang out at home, eating homemade biscuits on the bed (ooooh, rebels!) and knitting away with your favourite gal.

It's a no-brainer which one I elected to do. Maybe if we really get cracking we could knit up some racewear for next years carnival. Tally ho!


  1. Or..you could be sewing the day away with no thought of the Melbourne Cup whatsoever. Just like i am ;)

  2. Or you could take the day off and host a fabulous Melbourne Cup lunch at home for all your friends who, one way or another, are also not at work on this non-holiday in Queensland. I do this every year, because it is such fun!

  3. Mae, that sounds like loads of fun! Can I come next year?

  4. in the states, we are recovering from halloween. it's been suggested no sugar until thanksgiving, but i've blown that already. have a wonderful day knitting and sewing - i'm so jealous.


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