Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Tonight for dinner I am having soup. This will come as no surprise whatsofrickinever for those who know me, because at eat soup for dinner at least once a week. Ok, ok, thrice. But who's counting? I love soup. Soup is my friend. I am practically a soup addict but I am fine with that because it makes me souper! Geddit?

Ok, I'll stop now before your groans hurt my ears.

I'm also eating rhubarb and apple crumble. With organic cream! Holy smokes, dessert on a week night? Well, we were meant to be entertaining dinner guests, but they have cancelled. Boooooooo! Yea, cancelled they have done but the crumble - alas, the crumble! - had already been made.

I'm not actually that upset because that means MORE CRUMBLE FOR ME! And on that note I am outta here to stuff my face with souperish crumbly goodness.

Geez I love autumn.


  1. I also love soup!!

    The dessert sounds divine... please kindly send me a small portion down the www, thank you!

  2. Jenny9:38 pm

    yum! soup and crumble. with rhubarb. score!

    speaking of which (well, not really) can we see a pic of the denim cardigan that you successfully shrank? I just got the book (inspired by you!) and am sizing it up, so to speak :0)

  3. What a scrummy combination!

  4. Hahaha, I thought you were saying 'boooo yea' about your guests cancelling, and I hoped they didn't read your blog! I realised what you meant after a re-read though. Sounds like more crumble for you was excellent compensation.


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