Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Joy Cardigan

The reporters and paps were gathered around the door in a mad scrum, awaiting a glimpse of something that up until now was merely a rumour. Had Jorth really finished her Joy cardigan? Would it finally be unveiled to the world?

At the allotted time the door opened and Jorth stood blinded by the storm of flashes going off. Before she could even utter a word the reporters began to fire questions at her.

Jorth! Are you happy with the finished product? Why yes, it fits like a dream and...
Jorth! Was it hard to find buttons to match? Oh no, I merely went to Tessuti and picked out 6 nice shell ones...
Jorth! Will you get much wear out of the cardigan? Well it goes with everything, so I dare say so. You'd want to after all the bloody effort!
Jorth! Have you submitted the cardigan to Ravelry? Of course! It's right here.
Jorth! It is true that knitting the Rowan Demin gave you sore wrists? I can neither confirm nor deny without a lawyer present, but let's just say this boys: you won't be getting any jazz hands poses today! (much laughter)
Jorth! Did the cardigan survive the washing machine with no ill effects? I think the result speaks for itself, fellas! I'll say - maybe I should go for a spin (more laughter, but quite a few groans)
Jorth! Can you recommend the pattern to any knitters out there, and will you be making any more Kim Hargreaves patterns in the future? Yes and yes, lads, yes and yes!

With that the reporters packed away their notepads and recorders, tipped their hats and said goodbye whilst the paps took one last shot, and then the street was quiet once more.

Project Details
Pattern: Joy from Nectar by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: 10 balls of Rowan Denim
Notions: 6 blue shell buttons from Tessuti Fabrics


  1. Oooh, its beeeewtiful - lovely work.

    (Master 5 would like to know more about the piano. "What is Jorth playing" he asks?)

  2. Oh wow, so good! You'd never know it'd gone through the wash either. I love the colour too, just the right shade of blue. :)

  3. Jenny4:39 pm

    Thanks for the report, Jorth! I was busting to see it! Which colour of Rowan Denim did you use? It's hard to pick online which oen I'd like best. But let's just say on strength of your earlier posts I bought a few Kim H books!!

    It looks LOVELY!

  4. Love it - the shape and colour really suit you.

    I was VERY impressed with your Little Red Riding Hood, too. The edging was the first thing I noticed (apart from the colour and the beautiful child and the DRAMA of it all...)


  5. Just gorgeous! I can't believe you taught yourself to knit on the internet, I'm obviously looking at the wrong sites :)

  6. It's beautiful. You've done a really gorgeous job.

  7. oh its just lovely! well done! fits you like a glove....and I can't say that when I knit for myself!



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