Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puter problems

Hello friends! It appears that I have been inadvertantly AWOL this week. It's not my fault - our computer is sick. Very sick. Apparently, in computer-speak it has a corrupted RAID drive and the mirroring database isn't working correctly or some such. Does that make any sense to you? None to me whatsoever. All I know is the darn thing isn't working!

The Galumph has spent some time tinkering with it, and thought he had it fixed but alas, not so. I've managed to get it to work to post this, but it's GROANING like a fat old man running up a hill, and no matter how hard I whack the side of the CPU case it won't stop. That trick usually works but not today. Um, maybe don't tell Galumph that I do that. He might not be impressed.

So no photo today, and none likely until this poor thing has seen the computer doctor. If I even think about opening more than one program at once the whole thing will have some sort of electrical conniption and shut down on me. There's also some odd electronic chirping going on, so I'm going to shut down now before it blows up on me.


  1. Bugger! Our computer was doing that sort of thing a while ago, tinkering has seemed to help but it still has it's moments!

    Hope you're back on track soon!

  2. Computers are brilliant...if they are working. Otherwise they suck. Big time.

  3. Hmm, hope the dr doesn't diagnose something terminal.

    And - I know I'm late to the party - but I LOVE the Joy cardigan, and want one for myself.


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