Thursday, May 06, 2010

It is really too much

I was, as you can imagine, apoplectic to discover that my husband had hijacked my blog again with his damn cat pictures and nerd speak. It took some sage advice from my divorce lawyer and a large dose of Kidsilk Haze before I calmed down again.

I really must speak to him about it. It's getting completely out of hand. Hoppo Bumpo was right - the poor man does need his own blog so he doesn't continue to contaminate mine with his dorky computer talk.

Even just writing this is sending the blood pressure up! Quick, pass the knitting needles... and maybe the Persephone catalogue so I can drool over books rather than fantasise about hitting my husband over the head!


  1. Still, it was a nice looking kitty.... (says she ducking for cover!)

    That's it girl, keep on knitting!
    PS. I don't think we've seen a photo of that shrunken top yet?

  2. heheee.
    great pic! enjoy the knitting.

  3. No, no knitting needles for you, my dear girl, not while you are in this mood. You can inflict pretty severe damage with those things, you know. But you can have the mag. A rolled up mag wouldn't hurt him half as much.

  4. I have that exact colour of kidsilk haze sitting in my stash. It's been there for around 4 and a half years after a very stressful attempt at the Birch shawl, which of course failed.

  5. Have you read 'Miss Pettigrew'? You must buy it for just these sort of moods. You cant possibly stay cross while reading it - it's darling.

  6. Anonymous6:55 am

    You need to change your passwords :)

  7. hahaha I just came across our blog..I like the blog but I especially like your reaction to your husbands bloggy hijack and even more my husbands excitement with it. He required me to read the entire post from your husband from beginning to end aloud. My husband is also a techy by trade....annoying aren't they?? he was actually answering back to your husband as I read it....they both need a needle between the eyes I say!!

    By the way the yarn is beautiful..when I get past my current socks project maybe I will try some nice cashmere.

  8. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Just discovered your blog and laughed out loud when I read this post. And is it your husband commenting anonymously here too? Oh this i good. I love your blog, by the way.


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