Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love a piano (sing it with me!)


Two years after we purchased our piano I finally got around to beginning my piano lessons. Hoorah! I've always wanted to play the piano, ever since I was a wee slip of a thing. Family legend has it that when I was the ripe old age of four my Nanna sat me down and played a couple of tunes. I must have been watching intently, because I then proceeded to play the tunes myself, pretty much note perfect. Not too shabby for first time on the piano!

A few years later, when she was moving into a retirement village, she asked my parents if they would like the piano, but quelle horreur - they said no. So the piano went to my cousin instead, who had lessons for years. Despite this fact the only thing she can play now is the first few bars of the theme to The Muppet Show.

Isn't that the most tragic story you've ever heard? But don't despair - I shall be a thwarted piano genius no longer. Watch this space - I'll be banging out Bach in no time... or at the very least getting to the end of The Leila Fletcher Piano Course Book One (currently stuck in the middle... that playing with both hands bit has really got me confused!)


  1. Ah, how lovely to have a piano. I bought a replica wooden upright (with a whole two octaves!) under the pretence that it was for the children. But I sit on the floor (the teeny tiny piano stool wouldn't stand a chance if I sat on it) secretly practising my very tinny-sounding scales.

    Enjoy your lessons. Today: Leila Fletcher. Tomorrow: Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #2.

  2. Jorth ! How exciting !
    We may need a video ....

  3. In defence of your cousin, i had piano lessons for almost 10 years and got up to grade 6 in my exams but don't remember much now.
    I think I would be able to pick it up quite quickly if i were to start again but i was never very good at reading music. Oh and i can teach you two handed scales ;)
    I hope you enjoyed your lesson.xx

  4. That's triffic! I miss my piano...

  5. My ds is embarking on teaching himself piano at the grand old age of 13. :p We can't afford lessons, so we are going the dvd route. I've heard good things about it, so here we go. :p

    Much kudos to you for jumping in...I wish I could get that nerve up for learning how to surf!! Of course, surfing involves a crowd of annoyed surfers all pissed that you are crowding their waves. :p Different than the privacy of your own home, lol.


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