Friday, May 21, 2010

Back, with news!

Here I am! Back in the world of blogging! After much mucking around, blowing dust from various pieces of hardware and the occasional bit of swearing, the Galumph has figured out that we have lost a hard drive, so now we need to spend money money money on getting either a new one or some sort of external device. Dunno, he lost me at hello. All I know is that the computer is precariously working now, but may give up the ghost at any moment since we are now operating with only one hard drive not two. Bored? Moi aussi, so let's move on...

In other news a friend who owns a cafe/catering business has asked me to take photos for their new website and corporate brochures. Eggggsciting! (Heheh, couldn't resist!) And the best bit is that I think I'm getting paid in food. I am insanely happy about this.

Also don't forget that Tessuti Melbourne is having their first birthday celebration on Saturday. I'll be there wearing my glad rags, so pop on in to say hello and enjoy some special birthday discount door prizes. Hoorah!


  1. Sorry about the computer troubles. I'm waiting for a small fire to start in mine so I can get a newy.

    This eggy pic is wonderful.

  2. Congratulations!! I think I'll be coming by tomorrow - though purchasing fabric would probably make cry with unfairness of having to wait until I get my plaster mitt off to use it.

    I agree re: the eggy pic -- makes me really want eggs and buttery soldiers.. yum

  3. Next thing you'll know is that you have to rig up your bike to the computer and give it some pedal power!

    Paid in food? Eggcellent!

  4. Lost my hard drive last month. Back up, back up, back up your files! If only I'd been clever enough to do that myself...

  5. Did you see the SATC episode where Carey forgot to back up? Very good advice Wendy. Hope the birthday party went well!


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