Thursday, May 13, 2010

Punctures become obsolete!

After getting two nasty glass punctures within a month on my bike (thank you, inner city dudes who smash beer bottles on Saturday night!) I decided to bite the bullet and get some snazzy puncture-proof wheels for my bike.

If anybody is wondering they go by the name of Schwalbe Marathon Plus, but that's all I'm going to tell you because I don't want to become one of those people who know waaaaaaaay too much information about each and every component of their bike/car/rocket ship and will spend hours droning on about it to anbody who is daft polite enough to listen, and then wakes up at 3am one lonely Tuesday and wonders why they don't get invited to parties anymore.

Especially the ones where you smash beer bottles on a Saturday night, because those are fun!


  1. Hope life is soon puncture free!

  2. Good idea! My bike is currently languishing in our workshop, with a puncture. It's so irritating: the only time I remember it needs fixing is when I haven't got time to do it. Then, we all decide on a family bike ride and...drat...I remember the bike's out of action.

    I'll look at your link. Great info.

  3. Good idea! I wonder if they do pram wheels too, I'm sick of trying to get the pram home on 2 wheels.....

    Yep, those kids whose smash bottles really do need a life.

  4. ohh i jut posted a comment on last weeks post. Nerds..don't you love em?..but..I am a bit of a bike nerd and feel your pain (both avoiding the tire punctures and the appearance of bike nerdiness). Tires and parties are both important.



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