Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad Rowan Denim?

Congratulations, I believe, are in order, for I have done it. I have finally done it!

I figured it was just like doing something necessary but unpleasant, like going to the dentist for a filling. You can put it off, and let it build up in your head whilst moaning and groaning about it, but none of that changes the fact that it simply has to be done. Or you can just grit your teeth and get it over and done with.

So I stood in front of the washing machine, clutching the half-seamed pieces of my Joy cardigan, knitted carefully over the last month in Rowan Denim and then bravely threw the pieces in, switched the machine on, set the temperature to a whopping 70 C, and ran out the door before I could change my mind.

I mean, what's the worse that could happen - a months worth of work down the drain? Pah! I laugh in the face of yarn adversity! No fibre challenge can scare me!

(However, if you listen carefully in about an hours time, and hear bewailing shrieks of despair filling the interwebbybloggyverse, then you can take it for sure that things haven't work out. At all.)

Oh, and for those who are wondering what is with the cheetah, well meet Sammy. Grumbles puts him there each morning so he can wait for her to finish school and come home to say hellow to him. How. Stinkin'. Cute!


  1. oh, my! i'm jumping for joy! i lovelovelovelove you fabulous blog! thank you for your comment on simplyfeather this morning! i came right over to meet you and i can't wait to come back again and again! and "so stinkin' cute"? that's totally my line! but that's okay, seeing how you are in australia and i'm in the u.s. go on, girl!

  2. I think Sammy is wonderful - and Grumbles is pretty spectacular too!
    Holding my breath with regard to the denim knitting so dont wait too lond to let us know or I might just expire.

  3. I love your blog and all of your beautiful photos and oh how I wish I had your talent for writing!

  4. Gasp. *whispering* So, how did the Rowan Denim turn out?

    Grumbles is cute.

  5. Haven't heard any wails yet.

    Sammy is cool.... :)

  6. How cute, indeed!! And I'm sure he's just thrilled to met her every afternoon as well. :-)
    (Thanks for stopping by Bubba Bubbles!!)

  7. I had to follow your blog after I read the section "About Me"...loved reading your little profile. The cheetah...precious!!!

  8. I'm sorry...I think there was some stress and agitation associated with this post for some reason but all I can remember is the warm fuzzies of the Grumbles kind. Awwww. Now what was that about whitegoods?

  9. Lol! (On both fronts) X;-)


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