Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Um, hello? Weather Gods? I though autumn was meant to be on the way. Last week was beautiful and crisp - perfect autumnal days, in other words - but now you've bestowed upon us this sticky heat. WHAT, may I ask, IS GOING ON?

Still, you can try and heat blast me out all you like. You can make me sweat so hard on my forehead that my fringe is permanently stuck to it. You can force me to stand in front of the freezer with the door open, just to receive some blessed coolness. You can even make me wince as I apply deodorant to freshly waxed underarms in a painful bid to stop unwanted dampness. But what you can't do is stop me sewing my woollen winter dress.

Even if I do have sweaty fingers.

Bwahahaha! That will show you, O Weather Gods!


  1. i know!! what is going on??
    it will go on all week.
    beautiful pic

  2. No, it's good - it's our last chance to wear sundresses before they go away until December! Jorth I know you must have a few than would enjoy a final spin for the season?

  3. Oh, ok Tess - guilty as charged!

  4. Oopos, sorry. That would be me saying last week "yay, Autumn is here, no more 30 degrees"...Ma Nature has a twisted sense of humour.

  5. wow, that is the most amaizng photo - talented! and i agree! so thought winter was here too:( what are these sunny days doing here? beautiful post, loved it

  6. Thank you for the comment. This photo is great. Like the four 'fours' in the middle!

  7. a little heat sounds so nice though, in london its still quite cold with a ray of sunshine every now and then! So some heat would be so lovely right now!

    p.s your photography is pretty :)

  8. I can't get used to the idea that you are going through autumn while I am going through spring, and yet it is april! How can this be?!


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