Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There's nothing like a challenge

I have just done something that demonstrates beyond all doubt that I am clearly insane: I have entered the Vintage Sewing Competition on Pattern Review.

There are three days left. I have entered this morning. I'll do the math for you: I have three days to whip up a fabulous dress using a vintage sewing pattern.

Like I said: insane. Particularly when I opened up my pattern to discover that only half the pieces required belonged to my pattern. The other half were some other random pattern AND NOTHING MATCHED!

A quick rummage around my pattern stash threw up this beauty - phew! - and thank the sewing gods above I have enough fabric to make it up. Just. Skin of my teeth and all that jazz.

If anybody needs me I'll be chained to my sewing machine, and in all probability swearing my head off, pricking myself continually with my quick-un-pick and neglecting my family. Ahem!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous dress! Good luck, will you also do the tulle petticoat?

  2. Gorgeous dress and good luck! Housework can wait! You'll probably finish it faster than if you were doing it stop-start-stop-start all the time.

  3. Gorgeous! I'll be checking back to see how it turned out.

  4. Go for it! That's a great dress, can't wait to see it when you're done, what fun! Best of luck!!

  5. Gorgeous! You'll be stiff competition!! Love the fabric and can't wait to see it all made up.

  6. Goodness gracious, are you kerazy? Come here. Slap, slap ... slap (that last one was just for good measure).

    A-hem, that probably was a bit out of order ... because if anyone can pull off the PR-competition-vintage-frock-in-three-days, its you lady. Can't wait to see it!

    Um ... just checking ... but you will be making a toile first, right? OK better leave now before you slap me ....

  7. Love it, esp. the red one! Can't wait to see the results...

  8. well, we'll hear from you when you're finished then..look forward to the seeing it!

  9. You'll do fantastically! Can't wait to see your dress!


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