Friday, April 16, 2010

Not so super market

Tonight we are doing one of our mammoth shops. You know the kind - you borrow a friend's car (because you don't have one of your own) and drive to that big scary place called a supermarket and attempt to buy enough tinned goods/dry stuffs/toilet paper to last about, oh, three months until you have to do it all over again.

And don't forget that it's the end of the week, so the Grumbles is tired and prone to playing up, and the husband gets a weird glazed look on his face when confronted with so many shelves of grocery items, and gets stuck in such a trance that he finds it impossible to answer when you start barking 'Honey! HONEY! HOW MUCH TOOTHPASTE DO WE NEED?!!"

Bets are on that Grumbles suffer some trolley-related injury at one point. I'll lose my temper, and the Galumph will drift aimlessly around like a supermarket wraith, so I can never find him from one aisle to the next. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that I'll be juggling a 10 kilo bag of bread flour and 6 tins of crushed tomatoes whilst looking for him. Heavy! Then we'll get to the pimply male checkout person who, inbetween wiping his nose on his sleeve and scratching himself in unmentionable places, will make comments like "Dudes, you guys have a lot of stuff." It will take all my will power not to snap "No shit, Sherlock!" and then the subtotal will be announced and we'll all (sniffly checkout boy included) cringe.

Can't wait! No better way to spend a Friday night!

Just going to get a mop now to clean up the sarcasm dripping from that last sentence. Hope you all have a merry weekend, folks!


  1. Yep, Friday nights are pretty exciting here too these days... Still great idea to do the bulk shop, I bet it's worthwhile. Have a great weekend...

  2. lol "No shit Sherlock" My fave sarcasm loaded comment! Don't forget that said pimply checkout person will also flick through any mags that you may purchase. Just to make sure that you go right over the edge...

  3. Bonjour!
    Lovely blog indeed, fair lady.
    I enjoy your knitting & hand-made adventures. Very craftyfully gifted you are!

    ...Looking forward to your reads!


  4. My turn tomorrow... Can hardly wait!

  5. Happy Shopping! Don't forget your coupons ... :)

  6. Love the photo!

    Supermarkets give me the *&^%'s... try to avoid them, but still, oh so reliant on them... I do online shopping when I can, saves my sanity, worth the $5 delivery fee I pay for a fortnights worth of groceries!

  7. This is the second blog post in as many days when I've made the following comment....
    "Really? But I love grocery shopping."

    Truly. It's the thrill of the hunt.... to get as many things as possible for as few $$$$ as I can. Like you, I tend to do big shopping trips, under the theory that the more days I spend out of the supermarket, the less money I end up spending. Which reminds me... we're out of eggs. Better go to Aldi today.

  8. ha ha ha - looks like shopping is the same all over the place! Hope it wasn't quite as bad, and mostly, I hope the check out wasn't that pimply guy - not good!
    thanks for visiting my blog... I love the way you write. just catching up a bit now. xo K

  9. I just found you through the My Sewing Circle site. Have added your blog to my favs, I'll be back for lots more reading!

    We call it the stupidmarket. I put my shopping off for as many weeks as possible, and then am always blown away at the crazy cost for 3 weeks living. We go to farmers markets for fresh food, and the healthfood shop for as much as possible - but still those big horrible chain store shops cost so much!! how... why... why is it such a horrible place, and it simply takes so so so long - even to rush in and out!
    Hope it wasn't too traumatic.

  10. Girl, get into online shopping.... now!! I don't think I'll ever go to the supermarket for a full on shop again! It's worth paying the delivery fee (which is pretty minimal anyway).

    "No shit Sherlock" is one of my favs too. :)


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