Friday, April 23, 2010

I really, REALLY don't like putting in zips

Ack! I just spent the best part of an hour putting the zip in my woollen dress (Vogue 8593), then tried on the dress only to discover the zip looks absodoodley ghastly. Blimming heck! It's lumping about all over the shop, making me look like Quasimoto, but with about 5 humps rather than one.

And to think that just yesterday I told Nichola that this dress was a winner. Well, it looks like my champ has fallen face first on the third last hurdle and is looking on with gravel and tears in her eyes as the others race towards the finish line.

So! It's a long weekend here, so I shan't be back until Tuesday. Let's see if I've recovered my sewing mojo by then *crossing fingers but not holding out any great hopes*


  1. That's a nice pattern Jorth.
    Perhaps your dress is not tight enough on your back - I would imagine it would have to be quite fitted on your back to hold the fabric and zip flat...

    Maybe a stabilizer? Good luck!

  2. Up until a month ago, I considered zips something to avoid at all cost. Then I made a couple of fitted skirts that HAD to have zips and to my amazement, they went in easily and quickly. Sorry, no help to you with that. I know how crappy it is to be making a beautiful project and have that one stuff-up that ruins things. I hope that you can get it sorted as I'd love to see the dress. Meanwhile, my newly nominated first place dislike is buttonholes. Hate the little buggers!

  3. Vanessa4:31 pm

    I still hate doing zips and have decided that I really can't get away with not basting them first. I baste with a loose running stitch, try on and repeat until it sits flat, varying how much I ease or stretch accordingly. Then it sews in very easily.

  4. You'll get it girl!! PUt on some doors.."MoJos riSin'.." Hehe..that will pump you up!

    Practice makes perfect

    HUGS n' LoVE ~

  5. If it is giving you camel humps (!) it sounds to me like the CB seam is stretching as you insert the zip. Try fusetaping your CB seam to just below the zip notch - tutorial here:

    Hope this helps!

  6. My zips are rarely spot on, but I use the same method with everything (except pants with the fly opening) and it's usually good enough. :)

    Good luck!

  7. have you tried putting in an exposed zip...they seem to be around in much of this winters fashion...they are soooo much easier to sew in...just a the pattern!

  8. And YOU have just demonstrated why I don't "do" zips. Or buttons. Or sleeves. Or anything other than boxy or a-line pull-on dresses for little girls with no curves. heh


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