Wednesday, April 07, 2010

At least the time hasn't been totally wasted...

The thing about being stuck in the house so much (flight of the school holidays being grounded first due to me, and now due to poor old snuffly Grumbles) is this: you sure as heck get loads of knitting done!

That blue mess in the picture above, my friends, is one nearly completed Joy cardigan (pattern from Nectar by Kim Hargreaves). I've got half a sleeve and the neckband to go and that's it for the knitting. After that it's the simple matter of seaming it all together (bleugh) and then throwing the cardigan in the washing machine to shrink it to the correct size.

Yes, you heard me right: this cardigan needs to be shrunk. The instructions say so - knit large, then shrink. If only my gut wasn't arguing. Or my brain. It's developed a keening wail that goes something like this: "Don't do it, Jorthy! What if it all goes terribly, terribly wrong? All that knitting down the drain!"

I keep trying to reason with myself - it IS Rowan Denim. It's designed to shrink! It's totally all part of the plan. Everything will be juuuuuuuuuust fine.

If only my sphincter would agree. Sigh. Who knew knitting could be so STRESS inducing!


  1. Argh, flashbacks to my favourite ever cashmere cardigan shrinking in the wash... sure I didn't toil for months making it but it was cashmere and it was on sale. SALE! *Sniff* I feel your stress.

  2. Oh Tess, that sucks rocks bigtime!

  3. ooh I would be worried too! Goodluck - I hope it shrinks just right!

  4. I've had a few coffees this morning already and may be a little jittery (daylight saving is doing me in) but I almost gasped when I read that you were putting a newly knit cardigan into the washing machine. Fingers-crossed and I hope it turns out well.

  5. I'm feeling nail-bitingly nervous for you but I'm sure they know what they're talking about (insert worried look here). Right?

  6. Go for dangerously.

  7. Kim Hood10:25 pm

    Sounds like its just going to have to be done. Be brave!

  8. Hey Jorth send it over to our place. Mr Hoppo Bumpo is a whizz with shrinking knits. He has nerves of steel (or is that complete cluelessness?) in these matters ...

  9. It'll be gorgeous. And if it's too small then Grumbles can have it!

  10. it will be lovely
    have you thought of doing a swatch in the stitch pattern, then washing it to practise? then you can test it and it will giv eyou confidence to do the whole enchilada, as it were

    I feasted my eyes on all that Kim Hargreaves stuff... and bought some books. Hmm, better get knitting. Thanks for sharing the inspiration

    Hope Grumbles is feeling better.


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