Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Excuse me (hack hack hack hack)

Ach! Now poor old Grumbles has the dreaded lurgy. Tell you what, these have been the most boring school holidays EVER. I spent most of last week hacking and coughing in bed, and it looks like Grumbles is going to do the same this week.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you had a far more enjoyable Easter than we did. Wouldn't be hard! I didn't even fancy guzzling any chocolate (yes, I know, woe is me).

Signing off from phlegm central,

PS I think I'm living solely on soup at the moment. It was chicken for lunch, now it's minestrone for dinner. What are you guys having? I want to eat vicariously through you until I feel like hoeing into anything more substantial...


  1. ok, go back and read when you first starting feeling sick - this has been going on far too long. If I could cook I would bring soup.
    hmmmmm... back to the doctor ????

  2. Kim Hood9:44 pm

    Oh dear. Still really poorly. Take care of yourself and grumbles (presume the galumph is being left to look after himself after your last post!)
    I am having soup for lunch so dont feel too left out. However, I will be doing damage to a pizza later - not exactly nourishing but it is scheduled to be a very bust day and bought tea would be a treat.
    So why am I fiddling with the computer.....

  3. Must be bad if you can't eat chocolate!

    Thinking of making chicken encheladas (sp?) tonight!

  4. oh you poor things. Bummer you guys have to spend your easter holidays sick. Tonight we are having chilli con carne. It should be good! Hopefully you will be eating proper food soon.


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