Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Walk Against Warming

What are you guys doing on Sunday, 11th November at 1 o'clock? You're doing the Walk Against Warming? Excellent - so am I!

The more people we can get, the more notice the politicians will take. This is a fantastic way to let them know that we are serious about what is at stake, and committed to preventing any further climate change. It's especially important that we get the message across in these crucial weeks before the Federal election.

So get your friends together, pack a picnic basket, and meet up to do the walk. If this plea of mine doesn't move you, then just think of the penguins. Oh, the poor global-warming-affected penguins!

Walk for meeeeeeeee!

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  1. Oh i'd read about this the other week. Thanks for reminding me.
    Hopefully we can make it, would you like to meet up if we can?


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