Friday, November 23, 2007

It's a privilege - don't take it lightly

Oh Australians, I'm not one to tell you whom to vote for, but please please please don't vote with your wallet or with your own superficial interests. Vote for the good of all others. Think about those who will come after you. Think of them and our future. Think of your children and their children and of all the children who will ever be, growing up in this world of ours, which maybe never to be repeated in regards to good environmental fortune and sheer simple luck. We have so much to treasure - and so much to (rapidly) lose.

Think of them all. And for God's sake cast your vote accordingly. As the Guardian says, this is the first environmental election.


  1. your label's got me laughing to myself. and you're pretty persuasive...i've half a mind to apply for australian citizenship just so i can vote...

  2. I HAVE applied for citizenship so i can vote next time around. It's a pity i didn't get in in time for this election.

  3. I'm not able to vote (not even a permanent resident yet) but I certainly did my bit to change the government....and I happy ;)

  4. That was my only criteria for voting - Environment!!!!

    PS. Thanks for the notes about Grumbles top - i understood how you made it.

  5. Anonymous11:07 am

    Just wanted to say congrats. on your new Labour Gvernment.Hopefully now the Kyoto protocol will be ratified by them. Well done Aussies!
    From a thankful Irish lass ;)


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