Friday, November 02, 2007

Spotty Top

First cab off the rank: One spotty top for Grumbles, using the pattern I always use. I can't help it - it's the perfect top! Easy to make, easy to wear, washes well, and is cute without being too girly. And she can play in it. That's the most important bit. Nothing worse than feeling constrained by your clothing, no matter how trendeeeee it may be.

I can't fully take credit for this top, though - Grumbles helped. After every seam was sewn, I'd clip my thread, and hand them carefully to Grumbles, who would dutifully race around the table to plonk them in the bin. Occaisonally, when she could see I was sewing a tricky bit, she'd rub my back and say "Good work, Mum!" What can I say - I LOVE this kid!

Once done, we trooped outside for our photoshoot. It began to gently rain as we did it, for the day was muggy, dark and dense, so we packed up the camera and then remained outside to suckle our homemade strawberry yoghurt icypoles. Suddenly the rain really began to pelt down, but instead of being sensible and heading inside, we stayed out, squealing with delight, and attracting a few odd looks from people scurrying by. Grumbles was a tad concerned about the birds getting wet, so kept squarking out "Bird! Get.Out.Of.The.RAIN!", waving about her icypole as she bellowed. I was beside myself with laughter - she looked so funny, wearing her stern, bossy face, ordering the minor birds around as the rain came down.

Man, it was a good afternoon!


  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

    But wait - did you make the icypoles using the Easiyo? Or have you found another yoghurt-making technique? I'm keen to know!

  2. Coughcoughstorebroughtyoghurtcoughcough!

    But it does come in a glass jar!

  3. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Hi my name is Amanda, I'm a reader of your blog. I read for the craft but am interested in all of your eco-conscious news. I'm pregnant and my partner and I would like to use re-useable (cloth or the like) or biodegradable nappies, what did you guys use with you littlie? Any info you have might be handy.

  4. What a cute top and helper/wearer! Your post about this day is making me long for summer!

  5. Beautiful top (and girl too!)

  6. Anonymous3:29 am

    very cool - always love spots!

  7. hey jorthy--didja make this pattern yourself? i'm mostly wondering about the sleeves...they are splendidly perfect.


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