Thursday, November 22, 2007

A dress for Election day!

Do you remember a while ago I was blathering away about my summer wardrobe, and how spiffy it was going to be, what with the hand knitted matchy matchy cardigans and all? I'd forgive you if you had forgotten, as the silence around these parts concerning aforementioned wardrobe has been somewhat on the deafening side, ja?

Well, let us be silent no more! This week has seen me put aside projects for Grumbles (and when I say projects I mean two more spotty tops, plus another top with a fitted bodice and flared bottom, AND a dress for the daugher of a friend and yes, hopefully I'll blog about them all when I take a decent pic) and finally claim the machine as my own.

I've been using Vogue 8184, which is a terrific pattern, as the basis for the dress. I've pretty much kept the bodice intact (because who wants to make their own bodice pattern? Pwah, too much hard work!), taking the side seams in 1 cm at the top, tapering down towards the waist in order to make the dress fit my not-so-ample bosoms, but I have gone all freelance like on the strap and skirt.

The skirt has been quite easy to do. I slashed and spread the front and back skirt to create extra fullness (take a peek here for how to do it, although I didn't utilise the dart points), then did random gathering to make the flouncey look. Fingers crossed I get it finished tonight, because I think it's just the thing to cast my vote in this Saturday! Elections only occur once every three years - you've gotta dress up for them, right?!


  1. My goodness! I think you'll win best dressed at your local polling station!

  2. If only your chosen party knew what stylish effort you're going to! Fabulous dress :)

  3. That dress is just gorgeous. Surely you should get to cast two votes wearing a dress like that.

  4. Will you be doing the Can-Can ?

    That dress is a fabulous Moulin Rouge dancing outfit. Be careful people don't accidentally vote for you instead !

  5. Why of course, we SHOULD dress up to vote.

    Pity I've already voted as I will be away that day (it's my birthday). OMG I think I was wearing gym clothes when I cast my vote. How horrible. Better rectify by wearing something GREAT on Saturday.

    BTW fabulous dress. A few male voters may be too distracted to vote.

  6. You will be the belle of the poll(e).

  7. Wow that is a striking dress ! I love the dotty fabric as well ~ love Julia x


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