Monday, November 05, 2007

7.5 weeks - yikes!

I glanced at the calender the other day, and was most surprised to discover it was a mere 8 weeks until Christmas. And now that 8 has turned into 7 and a half - yikes! Where has the year gone? Sometimes I wish that I lived in a very cold part of the Northern Hemisphere, where it was be so darned freezing outside that you'd be happy to stay in, pottering away, plenty of time to get all those hand made gifts created.

But oh no. I had to be born here, in hot hot hot Australia, where Christmas season means being out and about as much as possible. No time for craft, nosireee. There's parties to attend, and end of school years, and beaches to lay upon, and horse races and "Let's catch up before Christmas!" drinks and work dos that you really can't not go to so the husband doesn't look bad and simply no end to things to take you outside and away from your craft table (not that I'm really complaining, it isn't too bad a life, you know).

But if you like to be a handmadey gifty person like me, it means you had better be organised. Which I'm not. In my brain I am, but alas that somehow doesn't translate to aways.getting.things.done. Thus today I am rushing around like a headless chicken, making lists and checking them twice, panicking about how little time I have to do everything, and instead of being sensible about it all, and actually working my way down my list in an organised manner, I'm doing a trial run of gingerbread biscuits, even though I made them only a couple of months ago and know perfectly well that the recipes works.

Still, it fills in the time that might otherwise be spent doing a bit of planning so I don't end up frazzled and barking at everyone and bugger-off-with-your-ho-ho-hos-can't-you-see-I've-got-a-deadline-here attitude. Cos who wants to miss out on that?


  1. Yes, but in the US, your workload is increased:

    Oct - Halloween
    Nov - Thanksgiving
    Dec - Xmas.

    That's 3x the organisation, seasonal decorations, cooking, festivities and etc.

    I have no idea how they do it ....

  2. I couldn't agree more! I would much rather stay tucked up inside, cooking and crafting, etc.

  3. Anonymous9:54 am

    Holy cow, seeing it broken down into weeks like that really made my heart race.

    I am *not* nearly organized enough to make *all* handmade gifts this year but I'll definitely be buying handmade as much as humanly possible.

    Your blog? Seriously adorable. You're a great photographer.

  4. Darn, H & B - I hadn't thought of it like that!


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