Thursday, November 29, 2007

Home made paper

Ta da! How's this for an eco-friendly Christmas: home made paper, made with scraps of coloured paper saved all year long (Nerd alert! Nerd alert!), then mixed with old print outs from Galumph's dad's work. I like to recycle where I can, and according to The Guardian, "One of the biggest sources of waste in the UK each Christmas is wrapping paper, with more than 8,000 tonnes being used each year - the equivalent of approximately 50,000 trees." Well, make that 8,000 tonnes minus about 3 metres from us. Except that we're not in the UK. Now I'm confusing myself.

Anway, that's my Christmas gift wrapping all, er, wrapped up, bwahahahahah bad pun intended. Although, since I let Grumbles help me there may have been a bit of a story invented about how we are making Santa's life easier by providing him with the paper, so he doesn't have to wrap the pressies, being so busy and all. Now, when he gets to our place, he grabs the gifts from his sleigh and then does a bit of Santa-style magic and hey presto, gifts wrapped in paper we made for him.

So, the paper is pretty nifty, hey?And this was only one batch, done on those crazy hot days last week. Tell you what, don't make paper on a 37 C day. Not a smart idea, being out in all that heat, squatting down and lying the sheets of wet paper pulp just so. (Don't worry, Grumbles was inside having her nap at this point - she more helped with the ripping of paper) At one stage I got up and was soooo dizzy I thought I might pass out. At least I was out the front, where hopefully a neighbour would have spotted me sooner rather than later, preferably before I was pecked to death by crazy maternal nesting magpies. Because death by 'pies would be a sad way to go indeed. Plus the Galumph would never get his bond back if he couldn't remove the blood stains from the front steps.

Ewwww! Enough of that. Back to the heat. You should have felt the effect it had on my heart! It was going ker-whallop, ker-whallop, ker-doing. Actually, it's been doing that for a while now. So yesterday I trotted off to the doctor, who 'hmmmmmmed' in a most disconcerting manner before ordering blood tests and an ECG. Oh, the fun!

Test results on Monday. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Eeek - fingers crossed it's nothing serious! On an altogether more frivolous note, the paper's gorgeous - forget wrapping presents with it; it could practically be the present. (OK, I can see Grumbles might need some winning over, but I have great faith in your powers of ingenuity...)

  2. I hope everything turns out well at the Doc's.
    Love the paper! I made some while i still lived in the UK but it was just too messy for my tiny house so i never made it again.

  3. The paper is fabulous!!! How big did you make the sheets?

    Fingers crossed here too that your visits to the doctor are not serious.

  4. your paper looks delicious!

  5. Beautiful paper J. Are you going to give us a tutorial?

    Hope all will be well with your heart.

  6. Anonymous10:20 am

    hi jorth
    sorry to hear about the ker-thumping. do hope all is well and you are soon feeling tip top.

    the paper is lovely! can i ask - do you blend the bits of paper by hand or with anold blender? i had one summer of blending with a hand winding blender and had the blisters to prove it... i think the word verification says it all.. shrmoew!

    bless y'all
    miss jenny

  7. What lovely paper! How did you make the big sheets? I always use some netted frames when I make paper, but it would be a lot of hazzle to make them that big, I think..

  8. Anonymous9:27 am

    So i am just wondering how you made that paper?!


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