Pink top + red skirt = pure awesomeness!

As you can see, doing a toile was a sterling idea!

RedSkirt #1

RedSkirt #2

This is the best skirt I have ever made! Ok, ok, so I have a long history of skirt disasters, but the tide has turned, my friends. It's toileing for skirts from now on, now I know how successful the results will be.

Things I like about this outfit: it's pink! and red! together! Just the very thought of my new pink top and skirt is guaranteed to put a daft happy grin on my face.

I'm also quite a fan of the origami-style folds in the skirt, which was quite easy to do. I adore clothes with quirky details like that. In fact, give me a fold, a pleat, a drape in a strange spot and I'm a happy girl.

Project Details
Pattern: Skirt #113 from Burda Style Magazine 11/2010
Fabric: 1m of cotton/linen blend from Tessuti Fabrics
Notions: 20cm invisible zip

The top pattern is the Ottobre Design Creative Workshop: Women's Best Tops

beurreblanc  – (11:10 am)  

Awesome indeed! I love that skirt style and have been tempted by the pattern. I think you need to have a waist to pull this off. It looks splendid on you. I'm 3 or 4 Burda sizes bigger and short waisted so.. a toile is probably the answer!

BeccaA  – (11:39 am)  

Wow! You are eyepoppingly awesome in that skirt and top! Fabulous. The origami skirt is fun.

Gail  – (11:40 am)  

Love the colour combination - reminds me of my mothers 70s Queensland kaftans. I've had my eye on this pattern for a while too. Might give it a try for my corporate wardrobe.

Hootnz  – (1:14 pm)  

I love the colour combos, you pull this look of so well... including the awesome red glasses :)

Crystal  – (5:35 pm)  

Beautiful skirt, in an eye-catching color combo. Well done.

cyberdaze  – (6:40 pm)  

Truly awesome. I would never have thought of making that skirt in such a bright colour but it really works. Great pictures too!

didyoumakethat  – (8:48 pm)  

That is a frikkin amazing skirt and I love the colour combination.

henry  – (9:12 pm)  

You are so creative and look stunning but wondered if you ever considered hand stitching your hems - they always look so sewn..

nikkishell  – (9:14 pm)  

Not bad, not bad at all! ;)
Can you ride your bike in that hem?

Fer  – (11:11 pm)  

Well, if anyone can get away with the pink/red combination then it's you! Looks stunning. ♥

Tania  – (11:40 pm)  

Wow, that colour combo is fantastic and I love the origami skirt. I am inspired.

Fabricaddict  – (11:49 pm)  

so beautiful!! inspires me to get my groove on and get sewing, I haven't made anything for myself in forever!!! love your skirt and love that colour combo

Lisette M  – (12:17 am)  

good for you! What a great and happy outfit!

Natalie  – (4:12 am)  

Awww! I love it! the glasses are adorable.

Tiffany  – (6:28 am)  

That is sooooo cute! You did a wonderful job! I am constantly impressed by your sewing! Keep it up!


Gabrielle  – (12:34 am)  

Great outfit - so cheery looking, and your skirt fits well (I struggle with skirts too). I'll bet you had a good day dressed like this!

Sigrid  – (1:32 am)  

What a fun look, the color combination is fun. You can wear it very well.

Sophia  – (9:12 am)  

What a great outfit! I remember when pink and red were thought of as "awful" together. It's great how fashionable it is now to mix unexpected colors, it makes things so much more interesting and fun. Love it!

Anna Aa.  – (11:14 pm)  

Great skirt!!! I've been thinking about making this skirt for a while and seeing yours, I'll get right on it! :-D Unfortunately I must have BurdaStyle Magazine eating ghosts/rats/whatever in my house. My entire '10-folder has mysteriously vanished. :-P So I'm off for a bit of treasure hunting! Hope my skirt will turn out as great as yours! PS. Looooove the bike! :-)

Rosesred  – (10:51 pm)  

That skirt in red looks brilliant! What a great Idea to make a toile, because the fit looks great. I love the combination with the pink shirt.

Anne-Marie  – (12:15 pm)  

I love your version of that skirt. You look lively and beautiful. I made it as well and I fell in love with the pattern. I am sad to read that you sometime have problems with skirt patterns. I hope that the right patterns will fall in your hands for years and years to come.

nic  – (3:20 am)  

all i have to say is that you are MIGHTY LUCKY that i did not pass you on the street, because it's entirely possible i'd have ripped that skirt straight off you and high-tailed it to the nearest alley with my treasure, leaving you to pedal after me in your knickers.


Sonja  – (8:23 pm)  

That looks gorgeous.I want to sew the same colour combination for me now!
I love the glasses, too!
I am your new big fan. Fantastic blog!

All the best from Duesseldorf, Germany

Cirque Du Bebe  – (2:48 pm)  

Hello! Just discovered your blog and more importantly your amazing sewing. Keep it up, you've got great style. Can't wait to see what you make next. x Sophie

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