Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wide angle apples


My birthday present was delivered early today. Whee! No, it's not four apples, it's a new camera lens. (Four apples - that would be a crap birthday present! Unless, of course, you really liked apples.) I've been lusting over this for about two years now, and finally saved up enough, so as you can imagine I was one happy camper when it arrived.

Speaking of which, I've never understood the term 'happy camper'. I'm usually cold when I camp, which does not make me happy at all. And I usually only camp when Galumph takes us on a bushwalk, and because he's so worried about the weight we have to carry I'm usually not allowed to carry any knitting or books, which means that after we have finally set up the tent I'm cold and bored. Nah, me and the camping are not amigos.

Er, enough blathering. I'm off to take some pics!


  1. Well the new lens takes fabulous photos. I'm currently saving up for my first DSLR so I too can take nifty photos!

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. voimani6:13 pm

    Very nice apples - very nice lens.

    I've also been wondering about the happy campers a lot. I like saying it, though. Maybe campers are just the kind of people who are particularly happy when they are happy. Or who can be happy with little things (like when they're NOT cold)?

    Enjoy the lens.

  3. Oooo, that IS a nice lens! What a great present - happy birthday!
    And wait, maybe the campers are happy because they're described as happy - I mean, you're not happy as a camper, you're happy as a happy camper! ...oh boy, this is a deep hole...

  4. happy birthday Jorth. so a new lens that mean we get to see more of your beautiful pictures

  5. Stephanie6:24 am

    Hi Jorth. I've been reading your blog periodically for at least a year now, but I believe I've commented only once. I just want to tell you that I love your posts and find inspiration here. I'm a knitter and am getting back into sewing, which I did a lot of when I was a teenager/in my twenties, so I particularly enjoy seeing your latest projects. Anyhow, Happy Birthday! Enjoy the new lens.

  6. ooee on the best birthday present plus apples! this lens lives at my place too, and i've been known to croon sweet nothings to it when i think no one's looking.

    happy belated, my girl!

  7. or, hmmmn, make that happy early! i really can read, it just sometimes takes a few minutes for my brain to catch up with the words.


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