Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pattern Review: Shirtdress #35 from Ottobre Design Magazine 4/2010

What do we have here? We've got pockets with pleating and binding. There's more pleats at the back, and flapped patch pockets. We have sleeve button tabs, a stand up collar, back shoulder darts and a whole lotta topstitching. Put it all together and whaddya got? One finished shirtdress - hooray!
Blue Shirtdress #1Blue Shirtdress #2Blue Shirtdress #3Blue Shirtdress #4This would have to be one of the more involved things I have made to date. None of it was hard per se, but there sure was a lot going on. Don't tell anybody, but I totally screwed up the button band placket. Silly me slashed my placket opening to make a square, rather than a triangle. D'oh - next time, read the instructions before you let the scissors anywhere near the fabric, Jorthy! I did manage to salvage it, but trust me - it was a close run thing, and there may have been swearing. Just a teensy bit, but it was definitely there. Ahem!

The tencel denim, which I bought when I was still at Tessuti, is so soft and lovely, but slippery as heck, so if you were new to sewing and wanted to make this, I would stick to a well behaved cotton instead. The tencel also creases before you can say "boo!", but it's so deliciously velvety on the skin that I will forgive it anything.

Erm, what else? I quite enjoyed doing all the bits and bobs on this garment, especially the pleats. I'm such a sucker for pleats - they are so easy to do, but look so impressive! I am also quite partial to the pocket edge binding. It's all those extra details that make a home-sewn piece look more professional, in my opinion.

I'm very very happy with the sizing of this - I sometimes find that the Ottobre patterns can err a bit on the side of larger rather than smaller, but this fits the Tyger like a dream. The only thing I would do differently is to use a finer fusing for the button band, as I feel mine looks a bit thick, but that's probably me just being nitpicky, and has nothing to do with that pattern at all.

All in all, it's a terrific, well drafted pattern - another winner from Ottobre. Just don't expect to get it finished in a flash - especially if you are sewing to a deadline, as there is a lot of work in this one. Still, I did manage to get it to the birthday girl only one day late, so that's not too bad!

Project Details
Pattern: Shirtdress #35 from Ottobre Design Magazine 4/2010, size 128
Fabric: 1.5m tencel denim from Tessuti Fabrics (purchased a year and a half ago)
Notions: 13 buttons


  1. All these lovely little details have made for a fabulous dress! Your write up as always makes me laugh, with you of course....

  2. Wow, that is so cool! I can see there's a lot of detail work in it, but that's what really makes it. I'd totally wear a big version of that!

  3. I think this needs to be made in a 'big kid' size!!! It's really gorgeous. I wish my mum me things this stylish when I was 8!!!

  4. This dress is so cute! Love the denim and the belt... Great job!

  5. She's looking just like her mum! :)
    Great dress.

  6. I know you say all the detailing was easy, but lets face it you are one talented lady. My hand knitting hat is off you you.

    Could you stop by my blog and post it on "Saturday and Sunday Sharing" My readers would really admire your work

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  7. I totally love this! Nice job! I have a subscription to Ottobre magazine and am yet to make anything (cue embarrassed face), so thanks for the fitting info, I was wondering if they were true/large/small.

  8. All the details make the dress professional and beautiful. I love the feel of tencel. Your baby sure looks happy in the dress

  9. This is such a great, age appropriate dress. Love the practicality of soft denim and the finishes, very professional.

  10. This is so cute!

  11. STUNNING!! love it. i want to make one for me and one for my girl.

  12. This ins adorable! I want an adult version hehe!!


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