Monday, June 04, 2012

Pattern Review: McCall's 5975: Purple Ponte Knit Dress

Jorth was walking past City Square, feeling rather resplendent in her new purple dress, when she spied the ragged gathering of people venting their feelings upon their soapboxes, with a surrounding crowd of sewing folk eager to hear what they had to say. Suddenly struck by an idea, she approached the man protesting against the Difficulties Of Threading Overlockers and shyly asked him if she might borrow his megaphone for a moment. He assented, and stepped nimbly off his box so that Jorth could have her say. Clearing her throat nervously, she gazed at the crowd before saying "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I'd just like to announce that I have my sewing mojo back!"The crowd cheered. One jolly soul even waved a measuring tape in her direction. Grinning back at them all Jorth handed back the megaphone and went merrily on her way, soon nothing but a flash of purple on the busy city street.
Purple Dress #1

Purple Dress #2

Project Details
Pattern: McCall's 5975, view D (minus fabric belt), size 8
Fabric: 1.6m purple ponte knit from Tessuti Fabrics (bought quite a long time ago, so I don't know if it's still available)
Notions: Knit interfacing

I LOVE LOVE BLOODY LOVE this dress! It was super easy to put together, and is a nice slim fit. It was meant to have a zipper inserted in the back, but I just thought to myself "Pffft! It's a knit dress. Who needs a zip!"

I know, I know - such reckless thinking has led me into trouble before, but there's a part of my sewing soul that's too rebellious to squash. Anyway, my ponte was lovely and stretchy, so no zip required. Yay!

This is a terrific little pattern. There's a choice of 4 different necklines, plus the options of sleeves or no sleeves. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued (boo! why do they always get rid of the great wardrobe building patterns? why???) but you can still purchase it from the McCall's website in the Out Of Print section, so if it takes your fancy, hop to it and grab one why you still can!

Will I make this again? You betcha! It's such an easy dress to wear - just pair with your favourite statement necklace and a belt, and you are good to go! Admittedly I am going through a major dress phase this winter - my poor jeans are beginning to feel lonely due to lack of wear - but you really can't beat a fab bright dress in winter time.


  1. OK that dress really is great. I love it and am so bummed that the pattern is out of print. It looks really great on you.

  2. It is out of print, Kelli, but you can still buy it from the McCall's website!

  3. Yay for the sewing mojo!! This is just gorgeous, what a way to get your groove back! Gotta find a way to lose my fear of knits, I seriously have never found the nerve to sew with them. Love the colour!

  4. Anonymous9:50 am

    Gorgeous! I really love this-- you look so cute! It's a great color!

  5. Looks fabulous. And comfortable.
    Well Done!

  6. Sensational frock. I've been buying lots of ponte from Tessutis and so far have resisted the purple...for now.

  7. Yes, your dress turned out beautifully, I too omit zippers on a knit fabrics, I mean whats the point!

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love your funny little stories, they're delightful.

  8. That really suits you and the colour is fantastic . Its funny whenever I think of Ponti I think of navy,grey or black! I just finished reading you post about your pink coat( its gorgeous too) . I loved the "Daaaahl" . I KNOW that woman and that is exactly how she speaks . Such a lovely person too.

  9. You're looking very Audrey Hepburn my dear!

    Love the dress, i've been wearing my ponti dresses on high rotation this past few months. I used the Simplicity Cynthia Rowley pattern with is very similar to this McCalls pattern.

  10. Fabulous colour on you!!! Yes, very Audrey.

  11. What a fantastic dress! I love the bright colours you're rocking this winter.

  12. What a fantastic dress! I love the bright colours you're rocking this winter.

  13. Woo hoo welcome back mojo! I've been missing ur sewing. Super cute dress!!

  14. Love your dress and love the color and the hair. Hurray to more sewing


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